10 Things You Need To Organise Your Desk

Posted on January 26th, 2020 02:40 PM

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, we all want to be organised in our ways, making our day-to-day life easier  and ourselves more composed. An organised workspace plays a vital role in working efficiently and well within deadlines.
Through proper organisation, good work ethics and professionalism is reflected in an individual.

Create your own desk with House of Sasha, of fun yet helpful stuff to make everyday work a great experience.

1. Daily Planners and To-Do Lists– Think before you do! There is no better way to work than to first plan the day’s activity and then start afresh. These planners could be written the night before and put up on the desk so that the running train, i e our mind is right on track.

2. Pen– In the world where every rupee matters, how can we possibly lose our favourite stationery or that one Parker pen we were once gifted? Pens are one’s favourite possession and could be needed at every step
in your workspace.

3. Bottle– It’s water o’clock! Keeping oneself hydrated is the key to healthy living which results in a happy mind, hence a positive mindset. A peaceful individual will always be able to work better and stay focused.

4. Diaries– Rightly said so, diaries are humans’ best friends. After a long day at work, if there’s one way we can feel lighter is by sharing with our best friends, spilling out all that we have to say (here, write). On another hand, any important notes related to meetings and tasks too can be penned down here.

5. Frames– In this world of constant judgements, the best way to present yourself in front of anyone is by being confident. Putting up a picture of something/someone which will count as a lucky charm for us is the workspace is the best way to get going. Our recognitions and certificates could be put up too!

6. Pin Boards– Amidst all the competition in the business world, people need to be kept motivated to help them work with dedication. Tiny cards with motivational quotes are always going to work! Post-it’s can also be put up in case there are urgent reminders.

7. Stationery Kit– Another way to calm and collect your things, along with your mind is these boxes. Right from basic stationery like staplers and pins, paperclips, erasers etc, to big folders, envelopes and important documents, it can all be found at one place, without bothering to search for it.

8. Candles – Making the workspace look bright and catchy yet classy is the nicest way to attract people!

9. Shelves– Finding all our things at one place just in time is like a blessing! Organising one’s things from stationery to important documents in a shelf is a great way to make the workplace look prim and proper.

10. Trinket Trays– Being a perfect host is the best way to set our image in front of our clients and visitors. Offering food or beverages in the middle of meetings and conferences calls for a good break!


Navya Sogani 


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