5 Back To School Essentials, You’ll Want To Buy Today!

Posted on January 25th, 2020 02:55 PM

Remember how as kids we loved to shop and shop for the trendiest school supplies. It’s time to
hit that nostalgia button and buy the coolest back to school items around the corner. Create your
own working space with House of Sasha which has items that can lure you from your bed and to
your working desk.

1. Daily planner and To-Do Lists: There’s no better way to start your day than with a proper
planning. They say that there’s a woman behind every successful man. Well, we don’t know
how true that it but we sure do know that daily planners are involved. Whether it’s emergency
shopping or wedding planning, to-do lists are our go-to friends to help us get out of the dark
world tangled in lost papers and blurry memories.

2. Dairies: Diaries are human’s best friends. Ever since they have seen the face of this earth they
have never left people’s side. They are the most loyal companion humans can have. I mean,
have you ever heard of a little, cute diary hurt anyone?

3. Bottles: Hydration is the key to good health. And what can better keep you hydrated other
than pretty bottle!

4. Stationery Kit: Lost sheets of paper fall under one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the
world after the Bermuda Triangle. In a world like this, what can be a better help than a
stationery kit which has pins to hold all your papers together during such hard times!

5. Pens: We love losing pens, don’t we (more like the pen caps)? Have you ever thought why so
many pens are lost? Because they aren’t pretty enough! Yes, you got that right. All of us
deserve pens which we can cherish for our life




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