5 Decor Essentials To Revamp Your Bedroom

Posted on January 30th, 2020 02:35 PM

Raise your hands if your once oh-so-pretty bedroom now looks dull and monotonous to
you? Are you tired of staring at the same old space, the same wall, the same desk? If
your answer is yes then don’t worry because we have the best solution to your problem.
Here are 5 ways to revamp your bedroom with House of Sasha.

Succulents: Life sucks but succulents don’t. For all those of you who like keeping pets, here’s a tiny
opportunity to grab! Get yourself a cute, little, low maintenance, not-so-demanding
succulent plant which will not only beautify your room instead of making it dirty but also
make sure that the air around you is pure. Just place it in a pretty vase that matches your
room and you are good to go.

Framed Posters: Do you know why your walls look gloomy? They need a companion! The perfect solution
is a framed poster. It will not only add a personality to your room but also escalate the
decor of the room. You can even put a motivational poster that encourages you every
time you look at it.

Trinket Trays: These are hands down my most favourite item on the list. They are stylish yet functional.
They can also be used as organizers to keep in check that the gazillion hair ties we buy
every day are not lost and the earring worn last night is not lying under the bed. Also, they
can hold tiny candies that can treat your tiny craving. These little beauties will take care of
the little things in your life.

Pin-board: When they ask you to pin your best memories to your heart, they definitely mean a
pinboard (only seems sane)! Pinboards will add your personal touch to the room. You can
also pin down reminders, little to-do lists, your artwork, inspirational quotes and your goal
for each day to the board. They are utilitarian yet ornate.

Fragrance Candles: Did you know that smell is the most significant way one can leave an impression upon
others? The perfect way to add a sense of uniqueness to your room is by using a
fragrance. Fragrance candles add a charm to your room along with being an excellent

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