A Five-Step Guide To Savouring One of Our Most Versatile Products

Posted on March 13th, 2020 01:05 PM

Basically, a five-step guide to being both eco-friendly and still feeling luxe with discrete parts of just one product. What’s the product? Keep reading to know. (wink)

Step One: Take a lush bath with the bath bomb

When your bath bomb contains potent Citrus Extracts, Epsom Salt and 5 precious oils (Jojoba, Olive, Coconut, Sunflower, Soyabean), what else do you need for a nice, soul-soothing bath, amirite? Trust the Vitamin C to nourish your skin and make it glow from within, while the salt and oil combo soothes and relaxes your muscles. Save an expensive trip to the spa with this affordable spa-like experience!

Step Two: Discover the surprise accessory

Well, guess what, the capsule of the bath bomb mentioned earlier is not just a bath supplement. It also conceals a wearable accessory which you can wear to work or a dainty dinner date. Go ahead, surprise yourself!

Step Three: Journal or doodle with the pencil

Voila! After detaching the bath bomb and the accessory, now you’re left with what looked like the holder- which is actually a pencil. Let this pencil set your creativity free- journal with it, doodle with it, scribble down your mental notes or even gift it to your little one! The options are endless.

Step Four: Plant the pencil bud

With this particular HoS product, there’s no residue waste to throw away, even till the very end. How you ask? The end of the pencil is plantable, which means when the pencil becomes short, you can plant the end-bud in a pot of soil. Give it water, sunshine, and love, and in two weeks you will find a plant emerging from it! This is what we call magic.

Step Five: Repeat Steps One to Four

This plantable bath fizzer is a gift that really keeps on giving. It starts with making us feel like a million bucks (bath bomb, how are ya?) and then ends with giving birth to a plant, all while showering us with surprises on the way. It leaves absolutely nothing to waste and keeps our planet (and wallets) happy. Being eco-friendly has never felt so fulfilling, amirite? Bathe, Wear, Scribble, Plant, Repeat!
Price Point: INR 399


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