A HoS Recipe For The Perfect Self-Care Glow-Up

Posted on April 17th, 2020 10:05 AM

When in doubt, self-care! Our bodies and minds need a lot more care and attention than we usually find the time to give. Now that we are at home with some time in our hands, how about we indulge ourselves?

1. An Indulgent Bath, for Body Care
Every self-care ritual should definitely start with a pious cleansing process. Without a proper, holistic clean-up, your self-care will remain incomplete. If you can, try working out before and certainly moisturize after!
House of Sasha’s Bath Fizzers and Miami bath towel can additionally be great accessories in this process. While the fizzers contain the goodness of citrus extracts and precious oils, the bath towel is weaved with super-absorbent light-weight cotton- something your body will thank you for.

2. A Refreshing Brew, for Inner Health
Once you’re out of the shower, fresh and moisturized, unwind with some freshly brewed tea (or coffee, however tea is better for relaxation). Throw in a dash of ginger and cinnamon and replace the sugar with honey, and you know you have a beverage that’s loaded with health benefits.
A mug like House of Sasha’s Monogram Mug and Jute coasters might make this process all the more fulfilling.
3. Aromatherapy, for the Senses
Fragrances can be powerful, and like the name says, therapeutic. If you want to relax, promote sleep, or even energize yourself and be productive- you’ll find a fragrance for everything! In fact, your favourite aromas can boost the efficacy of any and all the self-care steps mentioned here!
House of Sasha’s Soy Candle and Caeleste Votive Lavender Aroma Candle, both contain oils of lavender which are said to help reduce stress and anxiety.
4. Journaling, for the Mind
The benefits of journaling are numerous- it helps us keep our thoughts organized, set goals for the month/week/year, share our deepest feelings and track our emotional progress. Journals let us self-reflect, as well as vent our thoughts in a healthy way.
If you’re looking to start or refill your stock, we can suggest this notebook with our eco-friendly plantable pencil set.


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