A House of Sasha Guide To Pantone Colour of The Year

Posted on March 16th, 2020 12:05 PM

This year, PANTONE selected Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052) as their prestigious Colour Of The Year. And needless to say, we love it! Classic Blue is one of those few colours that exude a sense of calm, reliability, elegance as well as an unexpected boldness, all at once. A touch, or wave if you may, of classic blue, is sure to add timelessness to any space and object.
So if you’re looking to rope in classic blue in your spaces and make a statement, look no further than House of Sasha!
1. Believe In Your Inner Beyonce Notebook
Queen Bey is the undefeated icon of timelessness and dependability. In the most trying of times, her songs never fail to reignite our inner fire (‘Who Run The World? Girls!). Nothing like a Classic Blue notebook to remind us to always, always, channel our solid, Beyonce-like invincibility. Slay gurl!
Price point: 650 INR
2. Girl Boss Makeup Pouch
Speaking of Beyonce and girl power, hold on to that thought and check out House of Sasha’s swanky Girl Boss makeup pouch! The Classic Blue colour combined with the ‘Girl Boss’ quote is sure to remind you of your own badassery every time you get ready to go out. Whether it’s going to work or going to a date, nothing like a solid kick of motivation for you to #slay.
Price point: 450 INR
3. Blue Quartz Coaster
The most iconic classic blue product in our arsenal- these Blue Quartz coasters will most certainly add the splash of blue your home was looking for. Consisting of microgranular quartz as well as stone and gold electroplating, these coasters exude not only a sense of bold grandeur but also of comfort, thanks to the eye-soothing blue colour.
Price point: 761.86 INR

4. Navy and Gold Geometric Print Stationery Set
Stationery addicts, this stationery set is an absolute treat for you! The elegance of Classic Blue as well as the royalty of gold fuse brilliantly into this magnificent collection of 25 money envelopes, 25 notecards and 25 gift tags. Let House of Sasha amp up the classiness of the art of gifting!
Price point: 1,850 INR

5. Navy Blue Airpod Cover
Nothing like a nonchalant expression of style with a designer Airpod Case, amirite? And since we are on the topic of Classic Blue anyway, this adorable Navy Blue Airpod Coverdeserves a shoutout! The cutest form on Classic Blue that you can carry in your pocket: 10/10 will recommend!
Price point: 399 INR


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