A House of Sasha Guide To Rose Gold

Posted on March 14th, 2020 02:10 PM

Pantone 20-0094 : Rose gold is what heaven is probably made of. It takes the glory of 24 karat gold, the regality of copper and the understated beauty of silver, and mixes all of them together to create a divine blend that exudes gold’s royalty and pink’s femininity. We at House of Sasha understand the hype, and we have just the right things to keep our darling rose gold lovers happy!
1. Crystal Rose Gold Pen
Whether it be signing the occasional check or taking notes in class, every opportunity is a way to dazzle those around you when you have House of Sasha’s crystal rose gold pens! The faux diamond on top gives your writing experience the razzle-dazzle it missed, while the rose gold body keeps things luxe.
2. Ceramic Mug
Show some love to both your caffeine-addicted significant other and our environment with this blush rose gold ceramic mug, which quite literally screams ‘I Love You’! The capacity of this ceramic mug is 420ML- ideal for holding a tall cup of your favourite Starbucks drink. The best part is that this ceramic mug comes with a metal straw, so you do not have to resort to plastic straws every time you have a beverage. Let’s be eco-friendly in style, shall we?
3.Nature Stationery Kit
Bring the rose gold wave to your work desk with this elegant stationery kit. The rose gold accents waltz around not only in its pretty to-do-lists and gift cards but also in the rustic paper clips! The set also comes with a metallic pen with accents of gold and silver as well as wooden push pins that’ll amp up the oomph in your work desk.
4. Señorita Enamel Dinner Set

What better place to show off your love for rose gold than your very own dinner table? Dazzle your guests or give yourself a luxurious dining experience with this exquisite rose gold dinner knives set! Keep an eye out for the darling enamel detailing too!


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