A Nifty HoS Cheatsheet For Beginner’s Aromatherapy

Posted on May 19th, 2020 09:10 AM

There’s a lot one can achieve with the right scent. Every fragrance has its own benefits to boast of- for instance, while one fragrance can lull you to sleep, another can make you feel super energized! If you’re new to the world of fragrances, this basic cheat sheet will help you choose the best aromas for yourself- a task that can quite naturally seem daunting to beginners. Worry not, we are here to help!
The first step to finding the right scent is to select the space and purpose first. This helps shortlisting and selection a much more effective process, and your aromatic experience all the more precious and cherishable. Below is a list of the commonly visited spaces and their most suitable scents- explore away!
1. Bedrooms:
Your bedroom is where you relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it’s imperative your bedroom exudes a calming, relaxing ambience, which can only be replete with the perfect fragrance! Lavender is famous for boosting relaxation and sleep, making this Lavender Aroma Candle and Aqua Lavender Reed Diffuser perfect for your bedroom!
2. Living rooms:
Living rooms are traditionally designed to please- since it’s where you’d host your parties and attend to your guests. If not anything else, your living room should be charming as hell, and so should your living room fragrance! Floral scents like that of this Honeysuckle Jasmine Reed Diffuser and Floral Bell Jar Candle are best for community spaces, owing to the welcoming and charming natural aromas of flowers.
3. Workspace:
Citrus scents such as orange and lime are supremely energizing, and are thus ideal for spaces you’d want to be productive in. Therefore, for your workspace, we recommend you check out House of Sasha’s Mandarin Lime Soy Candle and Orange Cassis Scented Candle. If you work in a shared office, make sure your colleagues and boss are okay with added fragrances, especially candles!
4. Washroom:
Fresh, minty scents have always been associated with invigorating coolness. No wonder they are a perfect match for washrooms! Some of our washroom fragrance choices are this Cucumber Melon Scented Glass CandleKokos Buddha Bowl Mint Aroma Candle and the Cool Fresh Reed Diffuser. However, if your washroom is small, candles and diffusers might be too powerful, in which case House of Sasha’s Mogra Sachet would be a great alternative.
5. Multi-Purpose:
If you want a uniform scent for your entire home, worry not. Some fragrances are so versatile, they can work their magic anywhere and everywhere. Think sweet vanilla, invigorating oceanic scents, or refreshing lemongrass. Take your pick!


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