Always Be On Time With These Fabulous House of Sasha Clocks

Posted on April 27th, 2020 10:05 AM

If you have an eye for all things pretty, you’ll certainly agree when we say clocks can not only keep time but they can add a dash of style to its surroundings as well. Of course, a boring, drab wall clock can keep the time for you, but a fashionable one will do that and more! We at House of Sasha believe our timekeepers can be as gorgeous as anything else in our rooms. Therefore, here we are, armed with an arsenal of luxury clocks for you to choose from!

1. Marbled Clock
If you’re as much into marble designs as we are, you should definitely add this Marbled Clock to your cart. In fact, if you’re putting it up somewhere like your own office or dining space, we would recommend you pair this with our other marbled products like these trays and organizers and candle holders to create an all-encompassing interior theme!

Price point: INR 2049


2. Patterned Luxury Clock
This luxury clock is best suited to those who love everything that glitters! The regal silver and golden tones will add classiness and a hint of sparkle to any wall you station it to. Owing to the light colour of this clock, it will probably look best when hung against slightly darker coloured walls, a lot like the accent wall in your living room.

Price point: INR 2349



3. Hexagonal Clock
Unconventionally shaped clocks are not for the faint-hearted! (Just kidding, although you do need to knack towards defying the norm!) If you are into slightly offbeat clocks, this hexagonal marbled clock from House of Sasha is something you would probably adore! To establish a marble theme, you can pair this clock with our marbled trinket boxes and coasters too.

Price point: INR 2849


4. Square Clock
No one said square clocks have to be boring! If you’re someone who’s fond of a structured, well-balanced, square-shaped clock, this square clock is definitely up your alley. It’s dainty, it’s pretty and it’s perfect for any wall you want to jazz up.

Price point: INR 3249


5. Chic Round Clock
Let’s get back to round clocks! The grey and gold combination in this clock makes it ideal for slightly understated, lighter, neutral coloured walls. Think beige or cream. The grey will push some contrast and the gold accents will give your wall the character it needs.

Price point: INR 3249



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