Amp Up Your Formal Outfits With House of Sasha’s Gorgeous Lapel Pins

Posted on March 30th, 2020 01:05 PM

We all know just how great someone can look in a sleek, well-tailored suit. Add to that the perfect lapel pin, and you know you have made a statement. If you are new to lapel pins, here’s a primer: a lapel pin is a statement accessory piece that you can attach to your suit, blazer, tuxedo or jacket.
Kind of like a brooch, but slightly attenuated. So needless to say, a lapel pin can jazz up any formal outfit and help you stand out from the crowd. When you and everyone around you are dressed up in suits and blazers, think of it as your own unique, personal touch. We at House of Sasha understand the value of a stellar lapel pin, and that’s why our latest collection has you covered! Here are some of our personal favourites, but feel free to explore our entire range here and choose your own!
1. Paw Lapel Pin
If dogs and cats are your best friends, then this quirky paw lapel pin is just the one for you! This 18 karats white plated pin cast in brass is perfect for you to show off your canine and/or feline love.
Price point: INR 699
2. Royal Poised Lion Head Lapel Pin
For those that exude lion-like courage and unstoppable strength, House of Sasha’s Royal Poised Lion Head Lapel Pin is the perfect accessory. This enamel pin cast in brass and yellow gold plating can be the an extremely flattering present, especially for those with the sun sign Leo, the lion!
Price point: INR 899
3. Crown Lapel Pin
What better gift can you give to the king or queen of your life, than this elegant and regal crown lapel pin? This lapel pin is also cast in brass with 18 karats yellow gold plating. What more, this pin can also be worn as a tie pin!
Price point: INR 699
4. Endless Knot Lapel Pin
If you’re someone who prefers a dainty but elegant tie lapel pin that makes a statement but does not look obnoxious, this endless knot lapel pin might just be up your alley. In fact, it comes in two variants- one in 18 karats white gold plating, and the other in 18 karats yellow gold plating. Both are cast in brass, thus giving you equal options to choose from based on your taste!
Price point: INR 799
5. Trishul Lapel Pin
There is nothing like this Trishul Lapel Pin for someone who loves mythological motifs! The trishul or the trident has historically and mythologically served as the symbol of confluence of various trinities- like creation, sustenance, and destruction; past, present, and future; body, mind and soul, etc. Harness the spiritual power of the heavens with this 18 karat yellow gold plated lapel pin!
Price point: INR 899


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