Aries Season Gifting: The Perfect HoS Presents for the Aries In Your Life

Posted on March 20th, 2020 01:30 PM

Happy New Zodiac Year! The stars have aligned to light your fire and to welcome the birthday season of our fierce Aries friends. They are the #OG hustlers. To be their friend is to be around some of the most passionate, confident and relentlessly energetic angels. They are not only full of motivation themselves, but they’ll also be your cheerleader for life. So, this Aries season, give them the most awesome birthday present from the House of Sasha!

1. She’s the boss. There’s no denying it. This elegant green marble finish mug with the words ‘Girl Boss’ emblazoned in gold will not only add a touch of glam to her morning coffee but will also serve as a vivacious reminder of the badass that she is.
Price point: INR 999
2. Aries are known to be unstoppable and determined. They set a goal and just go for the bull’s eye. Chances are the best person to give this ‘Ambitious Girl’ Coaster is none other than your Aries friend!
Price point: INR 298
3. Nothing like a wall hanging than not only jazzes up a mundane wall but also speaks to your soul. Surprise the fiery Aries in your life with this ‘Grace’ wall hanging. Whether it’s for their bedroom or work desk, this poster will put a smile on their faces and remind them of you every time they see it.
Price point: INR 550
4. Aries love boldness and glamour. As one of the most striking personalities among the signs, they adore glitzy and glam things like this Black River cushion cover. This cushion cover is handcrafted in a black cotton fabric base and embroidered with black thread on one side and transparent beadwork detailing. The contrast is striking enough to catch the fancy of an Aries!
Price point: INR 1200
5. Very few things excite an Aries like a goal to pursue. Help them plan and work towards their dreams and goals with this Boss Mode Notebook!
Price point: INR 520


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