Be The Perfect Party Hostess This Holi

Posted on March 6th, 2020 02:10 PM

Another day, another excuse to party. And another party means one more excuse to splurge on the House of Sasha!

1. First off, invitations and gifts. And with that in mind, look no further than our Geometric Print Stationery Set. The navy blue and gold accents ooze elegance and class, while the money envelopes and note cards are your one-stop solution for all your handwritten invites and gift tags!
Price point: 1,850 INR
2. Goodbye savings, hello cosmic moon hook! Not only does it look enchanting (thanks to the sparkly brass tones), it serves as the perfect place for your guests to hang their purses, car keys, Holi props etc. We guarantee you, this cosmic moon hook will surely brighten up any mundane wall!
Price point: 2,900 INR.
3. Whether you’re drinking bhang or wine or just thandai, these handmade, eco-friendly, jute coasters are a must-have for your Holi party. Not only do these have a graceful rustic touch, but they are also versatile enough to look great on any table or occasion.
Price point: 599 INR
4. When you’re busy being the most awesome party hostess ever, leave it up to these mint aroma candles to keep your rooms smelling irresistibly fresh. Not only do they smell amazing, but they look just perfect for an occasion like Holi. Whether you’ll light them up or just keep them on display, is your choice!
Price point: 750 INR
5. Got a polaroid camera? Or a friend who has one? Then this clip chalk board is perfect for an instant archiving of all your amazing Holi memories! The clips let you put your pretty polaroid prints on display, while the chalk board lets your guests scribble something for you on their way out. Additionally, if you are obsessed with organization, the clips can also help you hang handy notes while the chalk board can help you keep track of important dates.
Price point: 400 INR
Be The Perfect Party Hostess This Holi


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