Cancer Season Gifting: Thoughtful HoS Presents For The Cancerian In Your Life

Posted on June 29th, 2020 09:05 AM

What’s common between Ariana Grande, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra and Tom Cruise? Apart from being super-awesome at what they do, they were also born between by June 21 and July 22, and therefore are iconic members of the Cancer clan. Individuals with their sun sign in Cancer are a brilliant example of how you can be kind and badass at the same time! Cancer friends make amazing mom friends, for they exude maternal energy. They have the biggest hearts in the entire zodiac, and are usually friends with everyone’s parents, pets and the likes! Moody and emotional, they are fiercely protective of the people they care about, so if you ever need a ride or die friend in your life, you can count on a Cancer! On their special day, it’s only befitting that you make your Crab friends feel as special as you can (amidst the prevailing conditions). Irrespective of whether you’ll be able to visit them, you can always send them a birthday present from the House of Sasha! Here are our ideas.
1. Make Your Own Magic Planter
Cancerians, being ruled by the motherly moon, have a very nurturing maternal streak. If they aren’t already parents to an entire nursery of plants, help them start their journey towards becoming one with this stunning planter! Don’t give them just the planter though, send some plant seeds or House of Sasha’s plantable stationery. You can even pot a lovely indoor plantbeforehand. If they have pets, Gerbera Daisy and Spider Plant are two pet-safe plants you can give them!
Price point: INR 999
2. Stuffed Elephant, Sophia
We can bet your Cancerian BFF is an ardent lover of snuggling, cute animals and cuddly stuffed toys. What better than Sophia, our irresistibly adorable stuffed elephant, that combines the best of all three?

Price point: INR 699

3. Netflix and Chill Socks and Face Mask
Nothing shows you care, better than this utilitarian AF and chic reusable face mask. Wanna know how you to make her/him feel extra special though? Matching socks to go with the face mask. Thank us later.
Price point:
Face Mask: INR 199
Socks: INR 199
4. Oh I Smell Roses Bath Salt
Your favourite Cancers must have been so busy taking care of everyone in the squad that they might have skipped taking care of their own selves. Help them catch up on some luxe self-care with this rose bath salt!
Price point: INR 450
5. Lunar Phases Choker
Cancerians might have a reputation for being homebodies, but when they do decide to go out and paint the town red, they make sure to look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. This Lunar Phases Selene Choker is an absolutely stunning piece of jewellery that will not only match their head-turning personality but will also serve as a tribute to their magnetic planetary ruler- the moon.
Price point: INR 2,100


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