Delight Your Sibling this Raksha Bandhan With These Unique House of Sasha Presents Under INR 1000

Posted on July 21st, 2020 09:20 AM

That time of the year has arrived when you have to stop annoying your sibling for a day and declare to the world how much you really love them. Yes, you got it right- we’re talking about Raksha Bandhan! And can you imagine Raksha Bandhan without the prized gift exchange between you and your sibling?

We understand you and your sibling probably compete neck to neck over who buys the better present. This year, House of Sasha has your back. With our affordable and kitschy AF range of Raksha Bandhan presents, we can promise your gift will not only make your sibling feel happy and special, but it will also warrant some favours for you in future!

Below is a selection of our favourites. If you would like to explore more, check out our entire range of tableware here!

1. Sibling Magnets of Honour (Set of 3)

Annoy your sibling (lovingly, of course!) on Raksha Bandhan with House of Sasha’s set of three quirky and fun badges. Let them know who the OG is! (You are.)
Price point: INR 400

2. Plantable Raksha Bandhan Kit

Why buy just a rakhi for Raksha Bandhan when you can buy this entire set of rakhi-special presents? What more, every element in this gift set is zero-waste, thus environment-friendly. House of Sasha’s Plantable Raksha Bandhan Kit comprises a plantable rakhi, a plantable pencil, on handpainted greeting card along with Roli & Chawal in Kraft boxes.
Price point: INR 360

3. Creative Kit

Is your sibling the reigning creative soul in your family? Maybe a painter, photographer, fashionista, content creator, or writer par excellence? Then look no further and add House of Sasha’s Creative Kit to your cart ASAP! With its ultra utilitarian components, this gift set will not only show how much you love their creative spirit but will also come in really handy for your sibling.
Price point: INR 600

4. Foodie Kit

Honour your siblings’ love for food and/or cooking with this adorable and unique AF Foodie Gift Set! After all, the only thing that foodies love more than food is their loved ones acknowledging their culinary/gluttonous passion!
Price point: INR 600

5. Face Mask

We are living in an era where face masks have become as crucial to us as a bottle of water. But no one said your face mask has to be boring! With House of Sasha’s help, you can now get your sibling a face mask that not only serves the protective function but also powers through in the quirk factor!
Price point: INR 199

6. Hangover Recovery Kit

Yeah well, this present is one that needs to be unwrapped away from your parents’ sight. But we can promise you, a present as kitschy and fun like this one will make your sibling feel over the moon! And why wouldn’t it- the components of House of Sasha’s Hangover Recovery Kit are not just quirky, they are so useful after a night of debauchery. 10/10 recommend if your sibling loves their poison or is a party animal.
Price point: INR 950

7. Uno Kit

Remember all those UNO games where you threw Draw 4 after Draw 4 at your sibling and they didn’t speak to you for a week? Revisit those memories with a game of UNO on Raksha Bandhan with House of Sasha’s Uno Kit!
Price point: INR 1000

8. Pizza Is Bae Socks

You can never go wrong with a pair of comfy AF socks. Oh, and when they come with this super-relatable, quirky design? Score!
Price point: INR 199

9. Hexafun Planter

If your sibling considers their collection of plants as their babies, delight them with a new plant baby in House of Sasha’s Hexafun Planter! The classy, muted feel of this planter will make sure it blends in with all kinds of spaces.
Price point: INR 749

10. Mugs Set

Take your sibling’s morning tea/coffee ritual a notch higher with House of Sasha’s porcelain mugs. The best part? It’s a set of two mugs, which means you and your sibling no longer have to fight over it, or if your sibling is married, there’s a present for their partner too!
Price point: INR 888


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