Different Ways of Wearing a Lapel Pin

Posted on September 17th, 2019 09:50 AM

Before we delve into the purpose, design, and practicalities of wearing pins for suits, let’s firstly discuss what a lapel pin actually is. We begin with the lapel itself which is the edged part on each side of your suit jacket immediately below the collar which is folded back on either side of the front opening by your chest pocket.

A lapel pin is a small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel pins are predominantly decorative and have no distinct purpose, but in some instances can indicate the wearer’s affiliation with an organisation or cause. Suit lapel pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be fastened to the suit jacket in a number of ways. The backside of a lapel pin, the part where it is fastened, can be just as important as the front. Not only for practical reasons as this is how the pin is held in place, but also because it can be another way to customise the pin to make it more unique.

The elegance of this little jewellery can be enough to define a style and speaks volumes about the character of the wearer. The tie knot is supposed to be the developer of personality for men but the enamel pins can say a lot too. Traditionally, lapel pins are always positioned on the left lapel of one’s suit. However, in this changeable era, even the ways of wearing lapel pins have undergone tremendous change. Let’s have a look at these changes!

You must have a favorite jacket in your wardrobe, and you would like to wear it to many places. Sometimes, one single jacket may lack personality. Have you ever thought about adding something interesting to your jacket to update the style? When you go to interesting occasions, you must want to show your own highlight. Custom lapel pins will be your best choice for two reasons. One is that you can change the lapel pins on your jacket anytime depending on your mood, different occasion or even seasons.

Have you ever encountered this situation before? When you roll up your sleeves, it always gets loose, and you need to roll it up again and again, which can be very annoying. And it also affects the overall style if you do not roll it perfectly. In this case, you need a small item to play a role in keeping your sleeve in good condition. Firstly, you need to pick up a small size lapel pin on the side, and roll up your sleeves until you are satisfied, then finding a position to wear it for keeping sleeves style.

Can Lapel Pins Be Worn Without a Suit Jacket?

Whilst we’ve been acting as though lapel pins only belong on suit jackets, this isn’t always the case. Most suit pins can be used on other items of clothing – it’s just a matter of knowing where to put them.


Coats are an expressive everyday item. Many people customise their coat with enamel pins of many different designs, usually reflecting things that they love or care about. Some coats come with lapel buttonholes specifically designed for this, whilst others don’t. In terms of positioning, pins can be placed all across the coat collar or the left-hand lapel, it’s entirely up to you.


If you’re not wearing a jacket or coat as part of your suit, you may choose to place a lapel pin on your tie instead. Attaching a lapel pin to your tie isn’t always the best option but if you’re confident, lapel pins should be placed towards the middle of the tie.

Dress Shirts

Finally, you can choose to wear your lapel pin on your shirt if you aren’t wearing a jacket, coat or tie. As with almost all lapel pins, they should be placed on the left-hand side of your chest where the lapel would be if you had a jacket.

Bags / Hats / Caps 

The possibilities are endless. Lapel pins are some of the most versatile and elegant additions you can make to your outfit. Boys and Girls, Use our advice to find and wear the perfect pin, regardless of occasion or situation.



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