Gemini Season Gifting: Versatile HoS Birthday Presents for Your Favourite Geminis

Posted on May 18th, 2020 08:55 AM

If your friend, family, or lover is born between May 21 and June 20, and you’re in dire need of some gift ideas, you have come to the right place! Geminis are all about socializing, communicating, and being the life of the party. In view of this lockdown, chances are it is your Gemini friend who’s hosting the weekly Google Meet gossip sesh or is the new TikTok sensation! They exude irresistible charm and possess a mischievous curiosity towards both the micro and the macro- be it the latest breakthroughs in science and humanities, or the fresh gossip on who’s dating who. Embracing the dualities of life is essentially what Geminis and the Gemini season stand for. So, give the Geminis in your life some birthday love with these poppin’ HoS presents!
1. Oh I Smell Roses Lip Balm
Give your Gemini bombshell BFF the gift of supple kissable lips with this heavenly rose-flavoured lip balm!
Price point: INR 320
2. No Drama Llama Planter
Geminis can often get a little too tied up with everyone’s drama and forget to take care of their own peace of mind. A nice blooming plant in this No Drama Llama Planter will remind them to log out of everyone else’s issues and log into their inner selves.
Price point: INR 999
3. Call Me Purse
Who else would this ‘Call Me’ Purse be perfect for other than a chatty and spontaneous Gemini? The dash of hot pink and the ‘Call Me’ text not only show off their vibrant personality but are also flirtatious enough for possible suitors! Can be used both as a purse as well as a crossbody sling bag. (Versatility, how are ya?)
Price point: INR 1,450
4. Modern Day Hangover Recovery Kit
Guess which sign is most likely to party their nights away as soon as lockdown’s over? We dunno about others, but we can bet on Geminis! Help your Gemini BFF out with this handy AF hangover recovery kit. It has everything they’d thank you for- an eye mask, quirky bandaids, some oral rehydration salts, chewing gum and pre-game anti-hangover capsules- all of that in a kitschy AF box. Yes, you’re welcome.
Price point: INR 950
5. Bullet Journal
The mind of a Gemini is a lot like a browser with a hundred tabs open at once. This multi-purpose bullet journal is thus perfect for the versatile Gemini personality- they can use it as a planner, or for daily journaling, scrapbooking, goal setting and habit tracking, all at once!
Price point: INR 700


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