Give Your Leafy Friend A New Home With These Charming HoS Planters

Posted on April 4th, 2020 01:05 PM

Every home decor enthusiast will agree on one thing- when life gives you boring spaces, brighten them up with plants. But, wait. There’s one more factor in this equation that can amplify the beauty of your leafy friends- the planter! Not only does a planter exude as much character as the plant or space itself, but it also says a lot about the owner too.
May we suggest a few?

1. Phantom Planter
Ideal for work desks and small surfaces, this Phantom Planter is a compact, no-nonsense planter for people who like neat, minimal pieces. This planter is best suited for tightly foliaged plants like Peperomia.
Price point: INR 1,400
2. Concrete Planters
Not to brag, but the concrete planters collection at the House of Sasha is absolute perfection. Our favourites include this adorably quirky Octave planter that’s perfect for succulents and cacti, or the more spacious Icosa planter that can be happily married to a snake plant or a slim aloe vera. These concrete planters come in multiple geometric shapes- squares, hexagons, circular barrel or even bowl-shaped!  Oh, and did we mention how affordable these are? In conclusion, add to cart!
Price point: INR 399 onwards
3. Zeus Terracotta Planter
If you’re feeling particularly fancy and/or generous, we suggest you give our Zeus Terracotta Planter a try. It’s made of terracotta and cane elements, with the former being smoked black for a cosmopolitan look. Pair this with a gorgeous asparagus fern or string of pearls and keep it on a visible shelf. Showstopping decor, guaranteed.
Price point: INR 3,600
4. Fuji Bark Planter
This Fuji Bark Planter makes for not only a gorgeous side table accessory but also an amazing gifting option. Pair it with a well-arranged bamboo plant, and you’re set. If you have a more heavy-duty plant, like, for instance, a bonsai, the heavy base will give it steady anchorage as well.
Price point: INR 1,450


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