Give Your Space A Floral Makeover With These Darling HoS Vases

Posted on March 28th, 2020 01:05 PM

There are very few things that can jazz up a room the way flowers can. Anything between an eloquent bouquet or a few isolated floral branches, when put in a statement vase, will add a touch of colour and freshness to an otherwise dull corner. Interested? We at House of Sasha might not have your favourite flowers, but we do have a wide array of vases to leave you spoilt for choice! Here are a few of our favourite ones.

1. Spruce Test Tube Holder
One of the greatest presents you can give yourself is an accessory like this for your work desk. Nature has its ways to calm you, and a small twig of rose or carnation in an aesthetic test tube holder like this adds a note of freshness you did not even know you needed. And the best part? This floral holder is one of our most affordable ones!
Price point: INR 1,299
2. Blue Crystal Vase
This one looks like its straight outta Pinterest, amirite? Some fun facts- this cobalt blue crystal vase has been dipped in a rich blue colour giving it its unique shaded effect. The translucence in the glass crafting makes it look all the more charming! If you’re into DIY, you can also add a few string lights inside to make it glow! Ideal if you’re looking to channel Pantone’s Colour of the Year! (More on that here.)
Price point: INR 2,100
3. Hot Chic Vase
This Hot Chic Vase just screams attitude, doesn’t it? Made of a solid, single block of teak wood, it’s not just a chic piece you can decorate an empty surface with, it’s perfect for long-stemmed flowers and slim bouquets. You can even add a test tube at the bottom to create a water source. We have three words for you: add to cart!
Price point: INR 7,500
4. Amethyst Vase
A vase as gorgeous as this one harnesses the power to liven up anything- from a lonely shelf to a blah dining table. The brilliant purple is reminiscent of the gemstone amethyst with light streaming through it. Not only is it hand-blown, but it is also crafted entirely with striking purple glass, and bedecked with an inverse bevelled grid pattern. Perfection, in the form of a vase.
Price point: INR 3,200


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