Happy National Pet Day!

Posted on April 11th, 2020 02:05 PM

How dull would our lives be, if it wasn’t for our pets? With their unconditional, unspoken love, they make our lives so infinitely better. If your pets are like your children, you should definitely check these adorable House of Sasha products out!

1. Doggo Diary
Getting your first pet is as significant an event in your life as getting married or having your first child. As such, it is only natural that you document every living moment of it. House of Sasha’s Doggo Diary lets you keep every special moment between you and your pet, safe and sound between its pages.
Price point: INR 850
2. Ozzie The Lion Pillow
Anyone with a furry friend at home would know how much they love pillows (whether to sleep on or chew apart, is an entirely different question!). Gift your pet the comfort of this squeezy soft plush cushion. Moreover, you just cannot ignore the cute AF lion motif on it!
Price point: INR 950
3. Lion Baby Playmat
If your pet is still a baby, this playmat will come in all the handier. Soft and lightweight, it is a perfect accessory to their beds! Your furry little friend will thank you for this.
Price point: INR 3,800
4. Clip Chalkboard
Getting a pet is essentially an extremely fulfilling combination of memories and responsibility. House of Sasha’s clip chalkboard is ideal for both- not only can you hang pictures of your furry baby, but you can also use the chalkboard to keep track of their vaccination dates and vet visits!
Price point: INR 400
5. Enigma Fine Fragrance Room Spray
Nothing can come in more useful than this room freshener spray when you have to diffuse the odour of your pet’s litter. The sparkling green lime, pear and peony notes, when combined robustly with the warmth of vanilla and amber, makes for a great litter box accompaniment. You’re welcome.
Price point: INR 1,600


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