Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day! ( feat. Soxytoes )

Posted on April 21st, 2020 10:30 AM

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day y’all! Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of an iconic brand. So what better way to celebrate today than to share some love with our fellow entrepreneurs, right?
For April’s Featured Brand of the Month, we bring to you our charming friend, Vidushi Kanoria, co-founder of Soxytoes. Let’s get to know them better, shall we?
Hi Vidushi! Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand. 
Hi, I’m Vidushi Kanoria, co-founder of Soxytoes. I am a 2015 batch pass-out of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and an alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. Soxytoes was born when I grew tired of my day job at Idea, Delhi. I have always been a creative soul, with a knack for curating out-of-the-box designs. Soxytoes is what happened when we decided to add kitsch to a seemingly humble commodity like socks!
What is the philosophy behind your brand?
I’m a millennial myself. Millennials love to stand out and be flamboyantly unique. That’s when I thought of socks- how essential they are in our daily lives, and if designed well, how interesting they can be. I wanted to make something fun out of socks. Designs which you can relate to, something which would remind you of a friend. The objective was to turn socks into a lifestyle product.   
How did you conceive of Soxytoes
I saw people around me who were really fond of wearing quirky socks, but they could buy them only when they were travelling internationally. My business partner and mentor Aayush Goenka had been manufacturing world-class socks for twenty years. But he wanted to create a millennial brand around socks, and that’s when I stepped in.
What do you think sets you apart from other brands selling socks?
We are not just talking about socks. We are talking about socks 2.0. We are not only about eye-popping designs but also technology- health socks, perfume-infused socks, and also ones crafted especially for athletes and fitness freaks. Our pure cotton socks are infused with natural essential oils using world-class micro-encapsulation technology. They come in fragrances like peppermint, green apple, mint oils, sandalwood etc. They help keep feet both moisturized and smelling fresh.
How has your journey been as an entrepreneur?
Extremely fulfilling. I love how we are making the world a more colourful place. A corporate job is obviously more stable but nothing beats the freedom that an independent entrepreneur enjoys. Every day is a new day, every day has its own challenges. You get to learn so much and realize how far you have left to go.
What is something your business has taught you?
Customer service should be the focus of everything. I remember my commerce textbooks where they said ‘Customer is king’. Now I know what that really means.
What goes behind designing a pair of Soxytoes socks?
There is a lot of research involved. Moodboards are created. We try and come up with designs which people can resonate with. We take polls/surveys to see if people like the design before launching them. Designs are strongly related to what’s trending, like when we came up with Winter is Here for when Game of Thrones was popular.
How is your working relationship with your partner?

I see him as a mentor. My partner and I make a great combination of somebody who brings in years of experience and someone who loves experimenting.We are both great listeners. We try and reason out what we are doing and bring in different perspectives to a given situation.

What is your most favourite and least favourite part of being an entrepreneur?
My most favourite part is the freedom to experiment. Creating something for yourself is another joy you experience, especially when people appreciate the product you’ve built. The least favourite part is that you’re solely responsible if things go south.
Would you share with us a fond memory you have while working on your brand?
Well, it has to be when we initially took part in one of the flea markets! I love selling offline since I get real-time validation from customers. Seeing people go crazy over our socks is a different experience altogether!
What’s your most favourite Soxytoes product, personally? 
My favourite one is the Netflix and Chill pair personally. I designed it especially for my fiance.
And what product do you think is most loved by your customers?
Incidentally, it’s the same one! At the time I did not know it is going to be a bestseller.
Share a fun fact about Soxytoes!
Interestingly I got hitched and started Soxytoes at the same time. So a lot of people thought my husband is my business partner.
What have you envisioned for the future of this brand? Would you want to change anything about it? 
We want to be a global brand that is synonymous with socks. I just want to strive to make it better every day.
Any advice or message for other budding entrepreneurs?
Please take the risk and go for it. Even if you fail, you’ll learn something of great value.
Visit Soxytoes Shop on House of Sasha.


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