Harness The Powers of The Dead Sea In Your Skincare With This One HoS Product

Posted on June 26th, 2020 09:05 AM

The pandemic has changed a lot of things in our daily lives, one of the most significant being our dependence on salons for self-care. But guess what, at-home beauty is all the rage, and can potentially achieve even better results than expensive salon treatments!
We at House of Sasha are committed to helping you accomplish all your at-home beauty goals, which is why, we’re here to introduce one of our most prized skincare products- the Dead Sea Mud Mask! For only 600 INR, you get 100 grams of this time-tested skincare ingredient, ready for use. Hello, glowing skin!
Don’t worry, Dead Sea mud is not some temporary skincare fad. It has been around for centuries! It is often considered the ‘world’s first spa’, given how important it was to icons like Cleopatra and Queen Sheba in maintaining the youthfulness of their skin. Thanks to the high concentrations of skin-nourishing minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide, zinc, and iron, Dead Sea mud is a favourite among many celebs too. Talk about timelessness!
Here’s how you can use our miracle product.
1. Do a patch test on the inner side of your forearm 24 hours before you put it on your face. This step is very important, especially if you have sensitive skin.
2. The mask is in powder form. Take a teaspoon of it in a bowl.
3. Add the base of the face mask according to your skin type (just enough for the consistency to be pasty) –
If you have dry or mature skin, add milk.
If you have oily or acne-prone skin, add curd.
If you have combination skin, add rosewater.
If you have sensitive skin, add some aloe vera gel. (If the mixture is too thick you can dilute it with drinking water or rose water).
4. Use a face mask brush to apply the mask on to your face and neck. If you’re using your fingers, first wash your hands with soap!
5. Leave it on just until it is dry, no longer than 10 minutes.
6. Wash your face.
7. Moisturize, and you’re done!
What’s there to gain with this Dead Sea mud mask, you wonder? Loads!
1. Dead Sea mud is a brilliant skin detoxifier and exfoliator. By absorbing toxins and dirt, it cleans the skin thoroughly while sloughing off dead skin cells and excess oils.
2. This study along with many others bear testimony to the antimicrobial effect that Dead Sea mud has on certain strains of acne-causing bacteria. If you use this mask on active acne, make sure to be gentle!
3. The salt and magnesium in Dead Sea mud are great for maintaining the elasticity of your skin barrier, thereby helping in anti-aging!
4. Dead Sea mud contains a unique mineral concoction of 21 different minerals that is great at nourishing, hydrating and improving the texture of your skin.
5. Lastly, Dead Sea mud is safe for psoriasis and eczema. In fact, controlled application on affected areas can even alleviate the effects of these skin disorders!
So, you can either start planning a trip to Israel for the coveted Deas Sea spa, or you can bring the spa to the comfort of your home with House of Sasha’s Dead Sea Mud Mask!


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