House of Sasha’s Newest Arrivals Are Bound To Give You Serious Vintage Vibes

Posted on March 22nd, 2020 02:00 PM

It might be 2020 now, but can we ever get over the commercial American art of the ’40s and ’50s? We at House of Sasha can’t, hence our newest dining arrivals are on vintage overdrive. Needless to say, our signature cuteness remains uncompromised!

1. A Set of Two Coffee Metal Tins
When your love for coffee meets your love for pretty storage, this is the kind of thing we recommend you invest in. Plus, coming in pairs means you can keep one at home and one at your work desk too!
Price point: INR 950
2. Set of 5 Cupcake Metal Tins and Floral Metal Tins
You don’t have to be a baking enthusiast or a cupcake connoisseur to love our darling cupcake storage tins (although, if you are, you’ll love the cupcake motifs even more!). The small ones can store all your kitchen essentials like tea leaves, coffee powder, sugar, salt, cookies… you get the drift. With the big one, get creative! What more, if you are a floral addict, our floral version of this 5 tin set would be right up your alley.
Price point: INR 1,490
3. Set of 2 Dessert Metal Tins and Floral Metal Tins
Nothing much, just some more deliciously designed storing tins! Whether use them to keep food or to give presents in, is up to you. Go ahead, your kitchen deserves all this prettiness. (If you’re wondering, a sky blue floral print exists as well!)
Price point for Dessert Metal Tins: INR 1,250
Price point for Floral Metal Tins: INR 1,200
4. Flamingo Square Tissue Box
This tissue box is not just one of the handiest things you can have in your dining space or car, but it’s portable and compact as well to fit just about anywhere. Add this to your cart, and the next time you’re in dire need of tissues, your future self will thank you!
Price point: INR 550
5. Floral Blue & White Round Tray
Let’s just say, the next time you serve your guests in this beautiful floral explosion of a serving tray and they ask ‘OMG, where did you buy this from?!’, make sure you give House of Sasha a shoutout! Moreover, tell you what, it’s also heatproof, waterproof, and enclosed with a raised jaali-cut border, making it easy to handle. You’re welcome.
Price point: INR 2,800
6. Set of 3 Vintage Tin Canisters
Very few things feel more satisfying than a well-organized kitchen cabinet, amirite? This set of 3 vintage tin canisters, labelled ‘Tea’, ‘Coffee’ and ‘Sugar’ ensures organization and aesthetics co-exist in your space.
Price point: INR 1,499


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