Hygge Time : Stay At Home Spa

Posted on May 10th, 2020 10:10 AM

If you’re reading this, we’d like you to close your mind’s eye and imagine this- you’re in a luxurious spa room, with splendid aromas and heavenly music, while a group of wonderful masseuses knead your tired muscles into sinful relaxation. Yes, we know, in times like this, such indulgences are but distant possibilities- however, that doesn’t make you any less deserving of some relaxation nonetheless. You have probably figured out where we are heading- an at-home spa, of course, made possible by none other than the House of Sasha!
First things first- the product that’s behind all our spa fantasies is our cherished Spa Bucket, priced at only INR 1,200 (yes we know, unbelievable!). It comes with an exfoliating scrub, foot soak, soap, a foot softener and body scrub.
But how do we pull off a DIY home spa, you ask? Let’s walk you through it.
1. First, set the ambience. If you’re into aromatic candles, light one up. Put on your favourite playlist. Keep your eyemask handy!
2. Take a bucket of warm water and add some of the foot soak from the Spa Bucket. Keep your feet immersed in this magic tub of water as the foot soak cleanses, soothes, exfoliates and more. You can also manually rub your heels with a pumice stone to further bolster this process. If not, put your eye mask on and let your body loosen up.
2. After a while, around say 5 minutes, add some of the foot softener. Don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way. You’ll feel your feet instantly moisturized, no matter how stubbornly cracked your heels might be. Ease into it.
3. While the foot soak and foot softeners work their magic, massage your body with your favourite body oil (coconut oil, olive oil for example). You can even entrust your significant other with this step, IYKWIM. (wink) Let the oil sit for a good 10 minutes. If your DIY pedicure feels complete, feel free to take your feet out of the tub. Kick back and relax.
4. Now, time to hop into the shower. (Remember to extinguish the candles before!) Scrub away your worries (and dead cells) with the wonderful exfoliating body scrub. The oils from the massage will make sure the scrub does its job without drying out your skin. Yes, you’re welcome.
5. Now take the body soap and gently work it into wet skin. We’d recommend you do not rub the soap too hard, especially after exfoliation, but rather slather it all over. Don’t forget areas like the back of your neck, your elbows, knees, ankles. You can give yourself a quick massage in this step too. Let the soap stay for around a minute before you wash it off.
6. Take a nice, soft towel and pat yourself dry. Be gentle. Remember, relaxation is key!
7. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
8. If you’re up to it, conclude your spa by giving your nails some fresh paint and putting on a facial sheet mask! Or better still, give yourself the luxury of a nice long nap.


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