Looking To Help The Environment? Go Green With Sustainable Stationery

Posted on March 28th, 2020 08:50 AM

We as a generation are collectively, constantly, partaking in efforts to make our planet a healthier place to live in. We carry our bio-degradable bags when we go shopping, and sip on metal and paper straws, and we make sure we refuse to accept the plastic cutlery when we are ordering in. We are all about sustainability. However, what we have today is a rather interesting way to go just a little further in these efforts. How, you ask? Two words: plantable stationery.

What Is Plantable Stationery?
As the name suggests, these are stationery items that not only serve their usual purpose but can also be planted later. Pencils are the most common amongst plantable stationery, but there are also plantable paper, crayons and pens to choose from. The end of the pencil, pen or crayon houses a seed, which when watered and nurtured, give birth to a plant. Spectacular, right? Not only is there nothing to waste, but there’s also something to take away. As something you buy for yourself or gift to others, it is 100% sustainable.
How Do You Use Them?
At the onset, there’s nothing different about how you should use them. At the end of the day, they are pencils and crayons, and initially, you can just use them like that. Later, when you think they are too short to be used any further, refer to these guidelines:
  • Take a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. Fill it with moist potting soil. Optionally, you can also put a saucer underneath the pot.
  • Now take your used pencil or crayon, and insert the seed end (the pencil butt) into the soil in a 30-degree angle. Inserting it angularly is very important, or the plant will find it very difficult to grow in the constricted space.
  • Water it regularly and make sure it receives adequate natural light.
  • Within a couple of weeks, the seed will germinate and voila! Your plant will have started sprouting!
Great, But Where Do We Get Them?
Well, look no further than House of Sasha! Not only do we have the usual graphite pencils, but we also have plantable colour pencils, crayons sets, as well as a plantable bath fizzer! (Read more on that here.) The pencils come with seeds of a variety of flowering plants, herbs and vegetables- marigold, mustard, basil, sunflower, onion, fenugreek, tomato- and these are just a few!
Okay, And How Much Do They Cost?
The plantable pencil set comes with 4 pencils and costs 180 INR.
The plantable crayon set comes with 9 crayons and costs 330 INR.
The plantable colour pencil set comes with 10 pencils and costs 400 INR.
The plantable bath fizzer comes with 1 pencil and costs 399 INR.
In conclusion, if pencils, crayons or even bath fizzers are things you use regularly, there can be nothing better than to ditch the ordinary and turn to a more sustainable option. Mother Earth needs us more than ever, so why not try and do everything we can to make it up to her?


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