Miss Dining Out? Jazz Up Your Meals With House of Sasha’s Range Of Classy Tableware

Posted on July 25th, 2020 09:05 AM
Miss Dining Out? Jazz Up Your Meals With House of Sasha’s Range Of Classy Tableware

If we are to follow COVID safety guidelines to the t, we should take a break from dining out for a couple of months, at least. In fact- so many of us have already grown so used to our ghar ar khana. Learning how to make our daily meals, banana bread, Dalgona coffee and everything in between has really made us realize the beauty of dining at home with the fam. But one thing is still missing- the appropriate tableware! And that’s where House of Sasha comes in.

Below is a selection of our favourites. If you would like to explore more, check out our entire range of tableware here!

1. Eat Pray Love Serving Tray

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? House of Sasha’s Eat Pray Love Serving Tray is perfect not just for your lazy Sunday in-bed breakfasts, but also when you’re serving your guests. The wood is crafted to perfection with a brilliant antique-like finish that not only looks aesthetic but is also hard to find.
Price point: INR 2135

2. Ebony Enamel Cutlery Set

Our kitchen cabinets might still be full of new dinner sets that we got as presents, but something we often overlook is our cutlery. When your plates are so pretty, why compromise on the cutlery? The gold PVD coating and enamel finish handles make this Ebony Enamel Cutlery Set a showstopping addition to any tableware collection. What more? It’s made of food-safe stainless steel.
Price point: INR 1350

3. Celestial Trapeze Dinner Plates

What we have for you here not just makes for a lovely dinner plate, but also an equally stunning showpiece. Whether you actually eat in it or whether you keep it on display, House of Sasha’s Celestial Trapeze Dinner Plate is one of the most unique and exclusive pieces you can add to your collection. Get your hands on it before it runs out of stock!
Price point: INR 1500

4. Tagami- Set of 6 Bamboo Fibre Dinner Plates

No one said you can’t be sustainable and eco-conscious while shopping for tableware! Our newest arrival is Tagami- a set of Japanese-inspired eco-friendly set of dinner plates made out of the finest bamboo fibre. The bamboo fibre is naturally sourced and leaves a minimal environmental footprint, all while keeping the plates stainproof and washable.
Price point: INR 2888

5. Medium Sized Tapas Servers

You can be either one of two people- one who serves bites to their guests in boring plates, or who serves them in these brilliantly crafted medium-sized tapas servers. We’d encourage you to be the second kind. This simple and yet chic selection of servers will not only amp your dinner game but will make you look like a pro host!
Price point: INR 1450


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