Obsessed With Millennial Pink? Add These House of Sasha Products to Your Cart

Posted on April 6th, 2020 09:55 AM

Millennial pink is the stuff of millennial dreams. It has taken over Instagram and Pinterest mood boards, 21st-century advertising, product design and whatnot (Kylie Skin, how are ya?). It makes us want to live and breathe in a Venusian, Wes Anderson-esque landscape of luxury. We at House of Sasha are also not too far behind. Whether you’re new to this obsession or have already hoarded every mill pink item you could get your hands on- our arsenal of millennial pink is sure to seduce its way into your cart!

1. Channel your inner Marie Antoinette with these exquisite millennial pink jade china cup and marble finish mug. A dash of gold to a through and through mill pink theme makes them a perfect addition to your morning caffeine ritual.
Price point: INR 999
2. Slither in some millennial pink into your dressing table or work desk with this cute AF donut trinket tray! Not just a pretty sight, the high-quality ceramic ensures you get a bang for your buck.
Price point: INR 650
3. This millennial pink dessert stand will not just blow your mind, but will also attract quite the attention at parties! Fill it up with some delish desserts and watch this dining accessory become the centre of conversation of your dinner party.
Price point: INR 2,250
4. Let Millennial pink grace you in the most unsuspecting of places- add this flamingo aesthetic tissue box to your cart ASAP!
Price point: INR 550
5. Did you know? A 2002 study found that people in Sweden were 12 per cent more likely to fill in a survey if it was printed on pink paper. Speaking of which, you have to check out House of Sasha’s millennial pink daily planners like this one, or even a weekly planner like this one!
Price point: INR 399 onwards
6. Give your Airpods a millennial pink home with this adorable mill pink paw-shaped Airpod case! Alternatively, if you aren’t so canine-friendly, this simple but cute Pink Heart Airpod Cover might be able to fulfil your millennial pink wishes!
Price point: INR 399 onwards


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