Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day! ( feat. Soxytoes )

April 21st, 2020

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day y’all! Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of an iconic brand. So what better way to celebrate today than to share some love with our fellow entrepreneurs, right?For April’s Featured Brand of the Month, we bring to you our charming friend, Vidushi Kanoria, co-founder of Soxytoes. Let’s get to know them better, shall we?Hi Vidushi! Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand. Hi, I’m Vidushi Kanoria, co-founder of Soxytoes. I am a 2015 batch pass-out of St....

HoS Recommends: Kill Your Free Time With These Offbeat Amazon Prime Originals

April 21st, 2020

No one said work from home and online classes are easy. Surely it’s more casual and lets you wake up just at the nick of time but the pleasure of finally going offline is just as much as coming back home after a long day. At a time when staying at home is the best thing we could do, these TV shows in Amazon PrimeVideo could just be your best post-work or weekend companions.1. The Family ManThink spy show, but with a desi comic twist....

Taurus Season Gifting: Find The Perfect HoS Present for the Taurus In Your Life

April 19th, 2020

Taurus season is finally here! While our Ram (Aries) friends can now go and chill, our darling Bulls are finally ready to charge out of their bullpens. Taurus, being a sign ruled by Venus, are ardent lovers of luxury, beauty and the finer things in life. Your Taurus friend/family/lover is probably a closeted interior design enthusiast or your favourite cook or a wine connoisseur par excellence....

A HoS Recipe For The Perfect Self-Care Glow-Up

April 17th, 2020

When in doubt, self-care! Our bodies and minds need a lot more care and attention than we usually find the time to give. Now that we are at home with some time in our hands, how about we indulge ourselves? 1....

Spending Easter At Home? Set Your Dinner Table Like A Pro

April 12th, 2020

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Unfortunately, all of us are stuck at home this moment, and while that really bums our Easter plans out, life is all about making lemonade out of lemons, right? We at House of Sasha have an idea for a fun activity you can do today – how about you seize today’s family meal as an opportunity to show off some cool table setting tricks? Worry not, we are here to help....

HoS Recommends: Binge These Hidden TV-Gems With Your Squad At Your Next Netflix Party

April 12th, 2020

Who doesn’t like an enthralling TV show, amirite? These shows on Netflix are not talked about enough, and unjustly so, because of how brilliant they are. Choose your poison to group-binge or better still, watch them all!1. Taj Mahal 1989Taj Mahal 1989 is like a warm hug for a lovesick heart. Based in Lucknow in 1989, it depicts its different characters and their love lives, making a delightful commentary on intimacy in a retro Indian landscape....

Happy National Pet Day!

April 11th, 2020

How dull would our lives be, if it wasn’t for our pets? With their unconditional, unspoken love, they make our lives so infinitely better. If your pets are like your children, you should definitely check these adorable House of Sasha products out! 1....

Up For Some Quarantine Cleaning? House of Sasha Is Here To Help

April 8th, 2020

There is nothing like waking up in a junk-free, scintillatingly organized home, right? Moreover, now that you have time in your hands, and nowhere to go, why not embark on a Marie Kondo journey yourself? And while you’re at it, let these handy AF HoS products have your back!!! 1. Pen Stand Cube Let’s start with the tables, shall we?...

Obsessed With Millennial Pink? Add These House of Sasha Products to Your Cart

April 6th, 2020

Millennial pink is the stuff of millennial dreams. It has taken over Instagram and Pinterest mood boards, 21st-century advertising, product design and whatnot (Kylie Skin, how are ya?). It makes us want to live and breathe in a Venusian, Wes Anderson-esque landscape of luxury. We at House of Sasha are also not too far behind....

Give Your Leafy Friend A New Home With These Charming HoS Planters

April 4th, 2020

Every home decor enthusiast will agree on one thing- when life gives you boring spaces, brighten them up with plants. But, wait. There’s one more factor in this equation that can amplify the beauty of your leafy friends- the planter! Not only does a planter exude as much character as the plant or space itself, but it also says a lot about the owner too....

The Best of April

April 3rd, 2020

Ah, yes. We have somehow arrived at the fourth month of the year, exhausted and out of breath. Therefore, it’s time to reward yourself for making it through, and what better way to do that than by splurging a little on the House of Sasha! Not to worry, our April favs are budget-friendly....

HoS Recommends: These Podcasts Will Make Staying At Home So Much Fun

April 2nd, 2020

It has been a hot minute that we unitedly took the home-isolation resolution to beat this deadly pandemic. And we understand, although it is quite certainly the right thing to do, it can also get boring. Nonetheless, we at House of Sasha are quite big on helping you survive this. Therefore, today, we are here to give you some awesome podcast recommendations!...

Amp Up Your Formal Outfits With House of Sasha’s Gorgeous Lapel Pins

March 30th, 2020

We all know just how great someone can look in a sleek, well-tailored suit. Add to that the perfect lapel pin, and you know you have made a statement. If you are new to lapel pins, here’s a primer: a lapel pin is a statement accessory piece that you can attach to your suit, blazer, tuxedo or jacket. Kind of like a brooch, but slightly attenuated....

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