Prepping For 2021? Remember To Consult The Stars!

Posted on December 30th, 2020 12:22 AM

Like Seema Aunty said, all our efforts are meaningless if the stars are not aligned!


Work on your listening skills Aries, for the showstopping Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is transiting your house of activism and the collective cause. The most prominent theme of the coming year for you will thus be in the area of helping the collective more than the individual, so don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to lend a helping hand to those in need, in whichever method you feel inclined towards. Pick a cause that you feel for, and go for it.


Big things are incoming dear Bulls, as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction lights up your career zone and inspires you to push harder and gain better! Be open to new opportunities, and if you have been meaning to start a venture of your own, this year's cosmic transits might just be the green signal you have been waiting for.  In summer, Jupiter comes home to Pisces, giving you opportunities to unwind, and maybe even go for that long-overdue vacay. (Here's hoping vaccines make all our lives less homebound in the coming year!) Remember, exiting the comfort zone is the only way you can grow, and 2021 will reward you for leaning into the discomfort.


With the lunar nodes hanging out in your sign Gemini, it's safe to say that you're pretty much the star of the next three years (along with your sister sign, Sagittarius, of course)! Are you up to the task? Expect 2021 to shine a bright light on themes around your identity and sense of self, as well as your expectation of the 'other'- your friendships, alliances, romantic partners, business allies and frenemies. With powerful lunations already underway in your sign, the coming year will put both you and your close ones to test. Time to cut the cord with those who don't bring out the best in you. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn will work in your zone of wisdom and higher education to ensure you're levelling up, in all senses of the term!


2021 is when our darling Crab babies can finally take a breather. With the lunar nodes finally leaving the Cancer-Capricorn axis and moving into Gemini and Sagittarius, the heavy burden of responsibility and partnerships are finally off your chest.  The past couple of years have left you drained, but 2021 is when you will take on life with renewed vigour. Consider this year to reveal a stronger, tougher version of yourself. Guess what's the best use of that? Some adventure, as encouraged by Jupiter's entrance into Pisces. Unfamiliarity can also be a source of comfort for you, dear Cancer. 


Time to roar, our cosmic Lions, as Saturn and Jupiter are partying in your zone of partnerships. So if you feel like your love life has been too dry or chaotic in the past couple of years, 2021 is when things will start looking up. That's not us saying you'll be married in a year, but the doors will be flung open to unexpected (and wonderful) experiences with both friends and partners. Clarity with regards to romance and social circles is on the cards. Ease into it. You have worked hard on securing yourself till now, you have earned it.


You have always probably been a solo magician- preferring to work alone towards your dreams, but with the lunar nodes transiting your tenth house of career in Gemini, use your charm to rope in resourceful friends and family and tap into the power of communication to fulfil your dreams. Curiosity and a forward-looking, braver approach are key in your work life, Virgo. As Jupiter and Saturn waltz into your house of routine, and overall health and well-being, expect your health to become a top priority in your life in the coming years. Taking care of yourself in-between your daily hustle is never a bad idea, darling Virgo. 


Get ready to stand a little taller, and strut a little sexier- as Jupiter and Saturn flirt with your sense of self-worth, taking it up one notch closer to glory. At work too your confidence will shine through in the coming year, as Saturn's opposition to your zone of work finally ends, and smoothens out the bumps you have had to go through in your workplace in the last couple of years. This shall be the year of ironing out the creases in your family and domestic life too- with Saturn out of that and into your zone of creativity and self-love, expect balance to be restored in your relationship with yourself and others.


Scorpio, 2021 is when you will find yourself going back to your roots, and taking up greater responsibility in your home and with your family. With Mars transiting your 7th house of partnership, expect things to get hot and steamy (wink) between your and your partner. Of if you're single, this will translate into you become a lot more proactive in putting yourself out there to create strong bonds that will last- just the way you like them. With Jupiter entering Pisces in summer, expect your self-confidence to soar to newer heights, with your love for the finer things in life crossing conventional borders. Allow yourself to explore dear Scorpio, and if you ever feel things getting foggy, take a moment to contemplate but don't freeze. The stars have your back.


The lunar node is in your sign Sagittarius, which means the stage is set for you (and your sibling, Gemini) to lead the show for the next few years. Your love for greater knowledge and the quest for greener pastures, coupled with communication, thought and a feeling of community, are the ruling themes of the lunar nodes, so expect to dial up your individuality in the coming year. You'll also be working towards a better version of yourself, so get ready to chop off the habits no longer serves you and finally pull your things together! 


Good lord Capricorn, the last few years were a bit of a roller-coaster, weren't they? With Saturn marching about in your sign along with the lunar nodes, you probably felt super cornered with most events in your life. Well, we have good news. The worst is now behind you, and in 2021, you will be chilling, doing your own thing, reaping the rewards of the hard work you put in in the last few years. Think big when it comes to money and what you hold valuable- you'll be faced with tough questions, the answers to which will only bring you the finer things in life. 


All hail, the protagonist of 2021! 2020 ended with what was one of the most significant events- the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter- and it happened in YOUR sign, ushering in the Age of Air that will set the tone for the next 200 years! But what does that mean for you? We are not saying all your dreams will suddenly come true, but major (and positive) transformations are underway, all aligned with the values that you hold dear. Your love for thinking critically and out of the box will steering the generations to come, so make sure to put your passion towards the welfare of the collective to good use! Don't get complacent though, the Universe helps those who help themselves first. 


The powerful lunations of 2021 will be shining a bright light on both your home life and your work life, so if you have been contemplating making important changes with respect to these two areas in life, the coming year will be all about planting the seeds for the same. With Jupiter and Saturn's dramatic entry into Aquarius, get ready to feel a spark in the deepest, most profound corners of your mind. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you will be forced to evaluate the energies you harness within yourself. Does your inner self need a little pick-me-up? Do what is necessary to be the best version of yourself. You are an angel dear Pisces, 2021 will see your halo shining brighter!


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