Revamp Your Sofa With These Kitschy HoS Cushion Covers

Posted on May 25th, 2020 09:05 AM

Cushion covers might seemingly be small, but as decor pieces, they are highly potent. All the more if you are struggling with a basic-looking sofa that you don’t quite know how to salvage. Cushion covers possess unparalleled diversity in terms of design- they can range from simple solid colours to meticulous works of art! Need an example? We’ll give you ten.
So, a simple rule of thumb for selecting cushion covers to suit your sofa is contrast– that is, for light-coloured sofas, go for dark-coloured cushions and vice versa. To make your life easier, we have segregated our favourites here into two groups of five options each- one group for light cushion covers and the other for dark ones.
Light-Coloured Cushion Covers For Dark Sofas:
1. Turquoise Floral Cushion Cover
Is there anything dreamier and more feminine than florals? If you are a floral pattern addict with a sofa to go with it, this cushion cover is exactly what you’re looking for.
Price point: INR 850
2. Beaded Owl Cushion
Give your sofa the gift of kitsch and quirk with this bold owl design. The beads and dash of red will jazz up even the most basic sofas!
Price point: INR 1,800
3. Celestial Trapeze Cushion Cover
If you have an eye towards meticulous aesthetics, this cushion cover will be right up your alley. The design is no short of a painting! Just one of these covers is enough to brighten up your living room.
Price point: INR 1,300
4. Gilded Grid Cushion Cover
Do you adore white and gold? A cushion cover as royal as this one when paired with a bold sofa, especially in loud warm colours, is sure to make a statement.
Price point: INR 1,200
5. Lucas Knitted Cushion Cover 
Simple pieces like these never feel too over-the-top, so if you’re someone who loves understated elegance, we recommend you stock up on this cushion cover.
Price point: INR 650
Dark-Coloured Cushion Covers for Light Sofas:
1. Giraffe Cushion
Ah, kitsch galore! There’s nothing that screams ‘unique’ more than a bold yellow cushion cover with an adorable giraffe print on top! If your sofa needs a dose of freshness, add this to your cart without a second thought.
Price point: INR 1,400
2. Rhino – Beaded Cushion Cover
If you prefer graceful decor pieces to kitschy ones, this spectacular navy and gold beaded cushion cover will jazz up your sofa while also maintaining class!
Price point: INR 1,330
3. Happy & Sun Cushion Cover
Who said art can only be hung on walls? In our case, it can also dress up our cushions! We are certain that a cushion cover as artistic as this one is not only hard to come by, but also hard to ignore. As such, there’s nothing else you can do apart from adding this to cart immediately!
Price point: INR 1,300
4. Black River Cushion Cover
This cushion cover is absolutely ideal for the lightest of sofas- think white, off-white or maximum light beige. The black and white stripes make a bold statement and the beadwork shows off some beautiful artistry.
Price point: INR 1,200
5. Mirage Knitted Cushion Cover
We can guarantee you will not find a cushion cover design that combines simplicity and uniqueness so brilliantly. That too at this price? Unbelievable.
Price point: INR 650


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