Taurus Season Gifting: Find The Perfect HoS Present for the Taurus In Your Life

Posted on April 19th, 2020 10:30 AM

Taurus season is finally here! While our Ram (Aries) friends can now go and chill, our darling Bulls are finally ready to charge out of their bullpens. Taurus, being a sign ruled by Venus, are ardent lovers of luxury, beauty and the finer things in life. Your Taurus friend/family/lover is probably a closeted interior design enthusiast or your favourite cook or a wine connoisseur par excellence. They are also presumably your most trusted financial advisor (The Wall Street bull is the icon of Taurus values, therefore it’s needless to say how great with money they are!). Their persistent and uncompromising nature adds the Midas touch of excellence in whatever they do or get. We at The House of Sasha are ready to give you your monthly gifting ideas to celebrate the precious Bull in your life.

1. Flavor Recipe Book
If your Taurus friend is a devil in the kitchen, House of Sasha’s recipe book will serve as a loving tribute to his/her skills. Thank us later!
Price point: INR 1,700
2. Himalayan Musk – Premium Wooden Notebook
Taurus is known to be both a lover of fine things as well as of organized professional and financial records. This Himalayan Musk notebook will match your Taurus friend’s impeccable standards, thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry.
Price point: INR 890

3. Focused & Fabulous Wall Hanging
Indomitably Focused on their goals and more Fabulous than anyone you know- certainly sums up every Taurus in your life. Gift them a daily reminder of their inspiring nature with this classy (Taurus standards approved!) wall hanging.
Price point: INR 550

4. Marble Ceramic Vase
Taurus is the first Earth sign of the zodiac cycle. That makes a large number of Taureans sincere lovers of nature. If your Taurus loved one is a plant parent this Marble Ceramic Vase is something they’ll absolutely love. In fact, even if they aren’t into plants, this vase can multi-task as a lovely candlestand, stationery stand or just a pretty decor piece.
Price point: INR 750
5. Enamel Pin
Nothing screams Taurus more than a suave declaration of things they hold most dear- coffee, steadfast dependability, and robust allies in life. This Caffeine-Reliance-Alliance enamel pin with the perfect Taurus slogan will keep them motivated and remind them of who they are.
Price point: INR 275


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