The Best of May

Posted on May 3rd, 2020 11:00 AM

May comes with the good news that one-fourth of the atrocious year, that is 2020, is behind us. (Whew.) May has usually been synonymous to all the summer frolicking, something we are heavily missing out this year, but you could still give yourself a fun pick-me-up by checking out House of Sasha’s May favourites (all under INR 800, ’cause we got yo’ back)!

1. Summer Rose Fabulously Hydrating Lip Balm 
Who doesn’t love a nice, yummy lip balm, amirite? Keep your lips smooth, plump and baby soft with House of Sasha’s newest arrival- the Summer Rose Hydrating Lip Balm! The ingredients list is one to absolutely die for- extra-virgin coconut oil, shea butter and rose geranium essential oil, without added chemicals, nor artificial fragrances, nor preservatives, nor petrochemicals, sulphates, nor parabens. Basically, all the good stuff and none of the bad ones!
Price Point: INR 499
2. Lily, The Fish
Let us introduce you to House of Sasha’s in-house cuddle toy– Lily. Lily is enviably pretty, irresistibly soft and undoubtedly a wonderful companion for your little one, furry one, or even yourself. (Do not underestimate the power of a cute plushie for some stress relief and handy dopamine!)
Price Point: INR 699
3. Marbled Staircase Square Organiser
A little organizer can go a long, long way. For under 800 bucks you get not only a stellar marble decor piece but also all the storage utility that comes with it! Use it on your work desk to store handy stationery knickknacks, or on your dressing table to keep your trinkets and jewellery organized.
Price Point: INR 799

4. Put A Plaster On It – Bandaids
Heal your wounds in style with House of Sasha’s newest and quirkiest arrival on the block- a set of kitschy bandaids! Not just bandaids, what you get is also a very chic bandaid box, which can be a one-of-a-kind addition to your first aid kit.
Price Point: INR 550
5. Bougainvillea Wiro Notebook
Wouldn’t you agree when we say summer is the season of an exquisite floral bloom? What better way to channel the beauty of summer than to journal in this  notebook with an artistic watercolour bougainvillaea flower on the cover. Staying true to its essence, this notebook comes in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.
Price Point: INR 530


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