The Ultimate HoS Christmas Gift Guide, By Sun Sign

Posted on December 16th, 2020 10:53 AM

The holiday season is here, have you started planning for everyone’s gifts yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Oh right, our gifting guides!

We at House of Sasha are quite big on sun signs, and we are also of the staunch belief that our store has something for every sign- the perfect gift, and not just one, but plenty of them! 

There's nothing as lovely as receiving presents on Christmas, but there's also nothing quite as difficult as trying to figure out what to gift your loved ones. Here's where we come in (and your recipient's sun signs). What more, if you want your Secret Santa to give you just what you like, just send them this guide for some 'guidance'. Wink. 


Remember the TikTok-famous song Savage? Megan Thee Stallion probably wrote that for an Aries, because they are the OG savage signs in the whole of the zodiac! Nothing like a reminder to your darling Aries to stay just the way they are- savage, not average.

Savage Not Average - Wall Art: INR 499


Taureans are the Venusian gods and goddesses of the zodiac- charming, beautiful, luxe, with the most impeccable (and expensive) taste, so there's no way can you give them anything ordinary. They are also hard workers and lovers of domestic comfort, so a scented candle will help them relax while also making their homes all the more divine. 

Assorted Box of 8 Scented Candles: INR 1,250


Being a Gemini is like the human equivalent of having a zillion tabs open in your mind at once, all while being the Queen Bee of every social circle in town. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which means thinking and communicating come very naturally to them. Help them keep track of their thoughts (and their Zoom dates), with a handy notebook. 

Zillion Things To Do Notebook: INR 449


Your crab(by) friend also happens to be an ardent worshipper of everything that reminds them of family, home, and romance. That's also why Cancers are one of the best plant parents in the zodiac- they relish the act of nourishing a loved one. It's no surprise that our gift recommendation for them is thus, *drumroll*, a planter! Don't forget to pot a plant in the planter as well.

Concrete Diamante Planter: INR 1,099 


No one can pull off a statement piece of jewellery like a Leo. There, we said it. Leos are the ones that arrive fashionably late at a party, and immediately become the centre of attention. A gift for them, thus, has to be equally showstopping. Only a pair of statement earrings can do the trick. 

Cascade Earrings: INR 2,750


When you're planning a gift for a Virgo, remember, they are the sign who call Beyonce one of their own. So it's imperative you gift them something that can boost their relentless pursuit of perfection. Like, a planner set.

Dream Big Planner: INR 1200


Your Libran friend is all about straddling the best of both worlds- a fighter for social justice, and also the most pursued, romantically and sexually, thanks to their fatal charm and Venusian air. Chances are if anyone in your friend group is a skincare junkie, it's your Libran friend (Taureans come as a close second, fair warning). Give them the gift of some luxe skincare- a jade roller. 

Jade Roller: INR 1,050


Passion is the keyword when you're dealing with Scorpios. Few things are as passionate as a delicious perfume- but make sure to add a personal note with your present. Scorpios love a personal touch. 

Premium Fragrance Hamper: INR 1,599


The party animals of the zodiac are born right into Holiday season- isn't that the best thing ever? Double up their Christmas present and birthday present with the ultimate party animal essential- House of Sasha's Six Pack Party Starter! An invitation to all their future parties- guaranteed. 

Six Pack Party Starter: INR 2,399


Caps are the bosses of the zodiac, so their present has to be absolutely no-nonsense and practical AF. May we suggest a sassy coffee mug for all the caffeine-fuelled all-nighters they pull to meet all their goals? 

Better Ideas Coffee Mug: INR 600



The best way to show your Aquarian friend some Christmassy love is by giving something that embodies quirk- they are the quirkmasters of the zodiac after all! A kitschy airpod cover? Yes, please.  

Keep Airpod Cosy: INR 1,000


The dreamers of the zodiac. The angels that walk on earth. That's what Pisces is all about. For your fishy little friend, you can consider one of our comfiest, prettiest throws. Maybe the pristine pastel pink one? 

Shades of Pink Heavy Tassel Throw: INR 2,500


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