These HoS Planners Will Ensure You Navigate 2021 Like A Boss

Posted on January 14th, 2021 08:10 PM

Have you often found yourself making mental notes of what you want to do the whole day, and then forgetting bits and pieces here and there, only to realise during bedtime that you completely forgot to wish your partner's mother happy birthday and refill your pet's food supply? Yes we know you mean well, and yes, you definitely did not intend to hurt your MIL's feelings (or did you? wink!), and yes, now you probably have to cook some bone stew for your dog because the Pedigree is over. Well, guess what could have spared you of this mess? Planning (we hate to sound like your dad, but that's true.)

Contrary to what you have been made to believe, planning really isn't a boring, tedious task. In fact, we at House of Sasha believe you can actually look forward to waking up in the morning and sitting down with your planner to set your intentions for the day. The secret? Irresistibly beautiful and efficient planners. Don't worry, we have that covered.

1. Calendar & Planner 2021 Combo

This is it. The ultimate planner-calendar combo that you need to sort your life and time out in 2021. Because if anything 2020 has taught us, it only takes staying locked indoors for a few days to completely lose track of time. No more waking up confused ('Is this a Monday? Did I have a Zoom meeting an hour back?!') Don't miss another Zoom meeting or date with the BFF. Get your hands on this combo and write. that. down.

2. Blush Pink Reveries Planner

Did you like filling up slambooks as a child? If you did, you will absolutely adore this Blush Pink Reveries Planner. This does not just have slots for you to fill in your to-do's of the day, but it also lets you jot down things about yourself- your likes, your favs, etc- and other mindful things like what you are grateful for today. Nothing like some mindful affirmations to ground yourself to from time to time. 

3. Meal Planner

If you are addicted to fitness, we can bet our money on the fact that you are also keen on tracking every bite you eat (or in this case, plan to eat). If you are looking to start planning your meals, or you are looking for a fresh meal planner for this year, look no further than House of Sasha's Meal Planners! They come in three different colour variations, and they have slots for not just meals but fitness goals, menu plans and many other useful lists and plans. If you get that hot bod a couple of months from now, remember who to thank. (wink)

4. Weekly Planner

The cool thing about House of Sasha's Weekly Planner is that you can not just write and plan your week ahead of time to the t, but you also get to tear off the page and pin it wherever you seem fit. Maybe your refrigerator door? Your study's bulletin board? Or maybe the common bulletin board for your workplace where your colleagues can see the team goals for the week? Suit yourself!

5. Daily Planner

We will always insist that a solid planner is an unfailing investment towards a structured, sorted life, but if you feel you don't want to commit to planning all 365 days, get this daily planner instead. You can go on perfectly without it on most days but on particularly busy days, just whip this out, jot down all that you need to get done, tear out the page and stick it to your pin board. When the day is over, check everything off your list! Easy-peasy, hassle-free, and takes up no space in your stationery drawer!


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