This Christmas, Treat Yourself To The Perfect Self-Care Present Under INR 700

Posted on December 24th, 2020 08:00 PM

Why wait for someone to give you your perfect Christmas present when you can log onto the House of Sasha website and do some self-care retain therapy like the boss that you are? This year has been an absolute hell-hole and now that it is finally ending, you deserve to be hyped up with some good ol' self-love. Don't worry, you don't have to spend a bomb for that. Here, let us help.

1. Evil Eye Pin Badge 

Thu thu thu! This is your well-wishers at the House of Sasha making sure your precious self is always around the best of spirits. Meanwhile, an evil eye badge like this on your purse or denim jacket can make sure negative energies don't care touch you. 

Price Point: INR 149

2. You Are Enough Cushion Cover

A cushion cover that doubles up as fresh home decor and a motivational quote? It'll be a sin to not add this to cart.

Price Point: INR 490

3. You Got This Wall Art 

If you have survived this year, or so much as even scraped by, you deserve a pat on your back. And a poster to remind you that if you could tackle 2020, you can do absolutely anything.

Price Point: INR 499

4. Lavender Scented Candle

Studies have indicated that the scent of lavender has properties that are great at helping people relax, both bodily and mentally. You have had a long year, and we are sure relaxation is very much overdue. Light it in the evenings and snuggle with your favourite book or TV show. Thank us later. (Remember to douse it before you fall asleep!)

Price Point: INR 549

5. Nirvana Scented Mask

It looks like masks will stay an inevitable part of our existence well into next year until we are all vaccinated. Till then, why not try and make wearing masks fun? A scented mask like this one will help. 

Price Point: INR 680


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