This Fathers’ Day, Surprise Your Dad With These Delightful HoS Presents

Posted on June 20th, 2020 09:05 AM

How bleak would our lives be without our Daddy Cool, right? Our fathers (and/or, our father figures) might not want to make a big deal out of this day, but after all the years of hard work they have put in to make our lives better, it’s only fitting that we celebrate Fathers’ Day with all the pompous expressions of love that they quite rightfully deserve.
Yes, you can cook a hearty meal for him, or treat him to a spa, or play his favourite games with him, but a gift, one that will stay with him for years to come, is non-negotiable! Below is a list of delightful presents that you can purchase right off the HoS website. Don’t worry, we have one for every budget!
Under INR 350:
1. Cucumber Melon Scented Candle
Nothing like some refreshing aromatherapy to help your dad relax after a hard day of work.
Price Point: INR 180
2. Moustache Polaroid Magnet  
Immortalize your precious moments with your Daddy Cool in this adorable picture frame that doubles up as a fridge magnet!
Price Point: INR 200
3. Do Not Disturb Eye Mask
No one likes being woken up from a nice, comfy nap, including our dear fathers. Help him catch up on some well-deserved, undisturbed sleep with this no-nonsense eye mask.
Price Point: INR 350
4. Rose Gold Pen
Is your father a connoisseur of elegant stationery? Make him the proud owner of one of our most timeless stationery pieces- the refillable Rose Gold Pen with the shiny crystal on top.
Under INR 800:
1. Mr Nice Guy Mug
Hm, ‘Nice Guy’ might be a bit of an understatement when it comes to our fathers, but it does make for a nice coffee mug especially with the quirky AF illustration! High-quality ceramic, food-safe, and microwaveable- what else does one need? Oh yes, the coffee.
Price Point: INR 530
2. Lapel Pin Plated In White Gold
Did you know the Fleur De Lis is an emblem of French royalty? With the 18K white gold plating, this lapel pin thus makes for the perfect present for the kings of our lives.
Price Point: INR 699
3. 2020 Planner
For a year that is so turbulent, meticulous planning becomes all the more important. Fathers who love organizing and scheduling will go gaga over this planner, undoubtedly.
Price Point: INR 700
4. Concrete Planter
A wholesome, air-purifying plant like aloe vera and snake plant, especially when planted in a planter like this, can be a great way to show your dad how much you love and care about him.
Price Point: INR 749
Under INR 1500:
1. Glass Frame
Fish out pictures of your dad’s prized moments- of his graduation, an award ceremony, a family picture- and gift it to him in this unique glass photo frame.
Price Point: INR 830
2. Blue Checks Pocket Square
If your dad, like most dads, loves donning a sleek suit, then this pocket square will add the perfect bit of pizzazz to his formal outfits.
Price Point: INR 999
3. Pearl White Coffee Set
A warm cup of coffee in this elegant matte finish coffee mug, ceramic tray and golden steel spoon- all of which he can forever call his own- is what heaven looks like for a caffeine-addict. Sons and daughters, you know what to do.
Price Point: INR 1,099
4. Essential Office Kit
Fathers, more often than not, like indulging only in utilitarian things. Especially to those who are workaholics, this office essentials kit (with a hardcover notebook, to-do lists and pushpins no less) could thus be the sweetest expression of their children’s affection.
Price Point: INR 1,400



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