Up For Some Quarantine Cleaning? House of Sasha Is Here To Help

Posted on April 8th, 2020 02:25 PM

There is nothing like waking up in a junk-free, scintillatingly organized home, right? Moreover, now that you have time in your hands, and nowhere to go, why not embark on a Marie Kondo journey yourself? And while you’re at it, let these handy AF HoS products have your back!!!

1. Pen Stand Cube
Let’s start with the tables, shall we? The work desks and study corners are always the fastest at getting messy. House of Sasha’s Pen Stand Cube is perfect for storing most of your stationery, like pens, scissors, highlighters, whiteners… you get the drift.
Price point: INR 550
2. Lilac Cactus Tray
Isn’t this trinket tray the most adorable thing ever? It also happens to be quite utilitarian as well! When you clean up your dressing table, keep all your knick-knacks in this. And if one isn’t enough, add as many of our trinket trays to your cart!
 Price point: INR 650
3. Utility Boxes
When you’re decluttering and sparking joy Marie Kondo style, these utility boxes will be your best friend! Moreover, for all your various needs, you have three different sizes to choose from!
Price point: INR 1150 onwards
4. Machine Laundry Bag
On to your closet. Closet cleaning is never complete without a laundry session, amirite? Let these laundry bags help you sort out what needs a wash.
Price point: INR 399
5. Dolce Magazine Holder
The sexiest way to keep your centre table or work desk organized is to put your magazines and newspapers in House of Sasha’s Dolce Magazine Holder. Check it out, and then you’ll know what we are talking about.
Price point: INR 4,900
6. Vintage Tin Canisters
Reorganizing your kitchen storage? These labelled tin canisters will make life so much easier. Therefore, the next time you’re in the kitchen for your dose of caffeine, you will know exactly which tin cans to open!
Price point: INR 1,499
7. Tropical Dream Cosmetics Bag
Your make-up, whether strewn around in drawers or inside your vanity bags, deserve to call this uber-cute cosmetics bag their new home! Not only will this bag keep your essentials safe and sound, but it also makes them conveniently portable!
Price point: INR 450


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