Why Using Home Fragrances Is Good For You

Posted on May 24th, 2020 09:05 AM
Why Using Home Fragrances Is Good For You

The world of home fragrances is a vast, enchanting one. As such, for someone who is new, it might be intimidating too. Once you start using home fragrances, you can never go back. But where do you start? This guide might help.

Firstly, what are the kinds of home fragrances? These three are the most popular.
1. Scented Candles:
Candles are not just a source of fragrance but are also quite adept at setting a visual mood. A candle scent has a gentle but consistent manner of radiating the aroma. Scented candles are usually best for intimate moments, like baths and showers, or candlelit dinners. Most importantly, if you’re using scented candles, always make sure you douse the flame before you go to sleep or leave home.
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2. Reed Diffusers: 
Basically, a scent diffuser consists of three major elements: fragranced oil, reeds and a vessel to contain the oil. To start the process, the reed sticks have to be immersed in the oil vessel. The bigger the vessel and reeds, the stronger is the scent, and the stronger the scent, the larger the rooms it can handle. If you want more fragrance, flip over the reeds more often so the oil can get absorbed and dispersed quicker. The diffusers are quite capable of working their fragrance consistently for as long as the reeds are immersed, albeit the fragrance spreads gradually. The absence of fire hazards in diffusers makes them more kid-friendly than candles.
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3. Scented Sachets:
Fragrance sachets are small potpourri bags filled with fragranced vermiculite that diffuses through the paper. Thanks to their ease of use and small size, they are extremely portable and capable of working in spaces which are inaccessible by diffusers and candles. The biggest mistake you can make with a sachet, however, is by opening them. Leave them sealed! We recommend you leave your fragrance sachets where you’d like to keep things smelling fresh always- like linens, under the seat in your car, in your purse, bathroom, kitchen, in your gym bag, or in your closet. They usually last for a good few months. You can even amp up the fragrance by shaking the bag a bit or leaving it under the sun for a while.
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4. Incense Sticks:
If you’re desi, you have probably seen your mothers and grandmothers light up incense sticks as part of their pujas. Incense sticks are one of the oldest forms of room fragrance. The right incense sticks can be really potent in their aroma, but they can be insufficient for large rooms. Like candles, it is very important that you put them off before leaving the house or going to sleep.
5. Room Fresheners: 
Room fresheners are powerful bursts of strong fragrance, however owing to their temporary nature, they come in most handy when you need a fast remedy to an odour or just need a quick pick-me-up in your room. Hanging room fresheners act similar to sachets, but the aroma usually subsides with time.
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