Working From Home? Amp Up Your Productivity With These Nifty Hacks

Posted on June 7th, 2020 09:05 AM

The idea of work has now found a new friend- your home. But home and work always had a rocky relationship. Up until now, professionals have gone out of their way to keep both of them as far apart as possible, but now that work and home have to keep their differences aside and learn how to gel with one another, we are caught in the crossfire.
But work-from-home does not always have to be so hard. Today, we are House of Sasha is here with some proven hacks so you can be at the peak of your productivity even at home.
1. Make a schedule and follow it to the T.
The fundamental idea is to trick your brain into believing you’re at work and not at home, and following a strict schedule will help you do just that. If you decide to wake up at 7 AM, complete a few chores, and start working from 9 AM sharp, make sure you don’t keep rolling in bed till 8. Following a schedule will ensure you enjoy the best of both worlds- to meet your office deadlines and still have time to cook dinner and catch up on your latest Netflix binge. Also, remember to communicate your schedule to your friends, family, and colleagues, so unless there’s an emergency, you can stay focussed on the work at hand.
2. Don’t underestimate the power of dressing up.
Yes yes, we know how fun it is to finally be able to work in PJs! But putting on some fresh semi-formal clothes and a dash of lipstick might go a long way in making you feel ready to take on the world. Also, try to shower before you sit down to work. That’ll not only amplify your energy but will also maintain a routine that you probably used to follow anyway.
3. Create your ‘zone’ and respect it.
Your ‘zone’ is equivalent to your space in the office. At home, your ‘zone’ can be any place that’s relatively free of noise and has adequate furniture to prop up your desktop- your bedroom, guestroom, or even your dining table. But it must have two things- a clean table and a good chair- so you can work in a nice upright position. The key is to stay off couches and beds. Make sure to keep necessary stuff handy (healthy snacks, a bottle of water, some stationery, hand sanitizer) so you don’t have to leave your ‘zone’ too often. And if you are short of privacy, don’t worry- earphones, especially noise-canceling ones, will be your best friend in zoning out any white noise.
4. Take a break once in a while.
We know we just harped on the importance of a ‘zone’, but no one said you need to stay cooped up there the whole time. Occasional walks around the house, stretching, getting a cup of tea, etc. are not just acceptable, but advisable. Some of us are also so used to bonding with our colleagues while at work (chatting with them, going out for chai, etc.), that work-from-home can get very lonely too. During lunch or team breaks, call up your work buddies for a quick chat or gossip sesh. Not only will it recharge you, but it will also make socially-distant teamwork better in the long run.
5. Make sure to log out when done, both literally and figuratively.
Yes, we get it. When you brought your office home, you signed up for a 24×7 visual reminder of your work and deadlines, and the very sight of work makes it difficult to log out of your work mentally. But it is very important you do because otherwise, you’ll burn out extremely fast. When your work hours are over, commit to your me-time and family time just as passionately- go out for a walk with your dog, hang out with your fam, call up a friend, read a book!
We at House of Sasha are committed to making this lockdown as comfortable (or, in this case, productive) for you as possible. Therefore, we are also listing some of our top products that will come in handy while you work from home.
1. This Concrete Lip Photo Clip to decorate your work desk with a picture of your loved ones, so you can keep them close even if they aren’t.
2. A Calculator Diary that combines two work desk necessities into one, thereby minimising clutter.
3. This Dream Big Planner Kit with all the essentials- a planner, plank cards, sticky notes, to-do lists, tape, and some U-pins.
4. A Plantable Pencil Set to add to both your work desk as well as your garden. Add to that these Pencil Top Erasers, this handy Clipboard Check List and this Pen Stand Cube and your kit is complete!
5. A water-resistant laptop sleeve to take extra care of your WFH BFF (aka your laptop), and to remind you that once all this is over, a lovely, well-deserved vacation awaits you.


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