Affiliate Marketing Program

What is HOS Affiliate program?

HOS affiliate program is a medium where you can offer a Referral Link to your friends and families and get rewarded for the same when they make a purchase.

How much do I get Paid? 

You make 5% of every sale anytime time a new user uses your referral link. The balance will get accumulated on your House of Sasha account. 

How do I see how many times has my referral link been used?

You need to login to your House of Sasha account in order to use the referral program. If you don't have one you can create one. You can monitor the balance in your account every time someone uses your referral link.

What do I get in the end from this arrangement?

You get to see what genuine efforts can yield. You get to brush up on your sales and marketing skills and put them to use in the real world. You learn business development aspect of work and definitely learn how to grow a startup. So lots of learning and experience and a great chance to make some extra bucks on your side hustle. You will also be given a work experience certificate after two successful months of the program. 

All the very best. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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