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Concrete Hexamont Planter

Concrete Hexamont Planter- Pink Invertrix Collection The essence of spring in design. If you are craving a decor update, new indoor plants (and, with them, cement planters) are the best place to start. The jolt of green with the concrete planters will give some much-needed vitality to your space, and the lush strokes will freshen up your living room or home office. The colour of frivolity exists between the hues of red and white. Pink is the colour of tenderness and affection, that leaves us with a sense of innocence and unabashed play of our youth. The Concrete Hexamont Planter in Invertrix Collection, are beautiful small concrete pots designed in multiple pastel shades. Sometimes even a houseplant can serve as a visual reminder of the simplicity of bygone times. This rose-like pattern of Eliteearth's cement planter is designed to invoke the feelings of nostalgia.
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Perhaps the ideal design element for the small corners is a succulent with big colour vibes. Get intricately crafted concrete planters  to add timeless elegance to your cosy reading nook. 


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