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Concrete T Mark Planter

Concrete T-Mark Planters- Pink Invertrix Collection A subtle treat for the senses. Given everything your houseplants do for you— like, purifying the air you breathe—the least you can do in return is give them a stunning home. Complement your precious indoor plants with this remarkable concrete planter. Pink is the colour of optimism. It is a positive hue, that inspires tender and warm feelings, giving a sense of comfort. Buy tabletop planter online to get your green plants to stand out among a contrast of colours with this classic cement pot. The bold, floral design Concrete T-Mark Planters in Invertrix Collection, created as small-sized cement pots, is available in different tones. The design, reminiscent of a pink lotus, can be a dainty addition to your room's aesthetic. A charming excuse to bring a bit of green to your terrace table or kitchen countertop, Eliteearth's delightful little cement planter has a pastel finish that can mould seamlessly with any decor, indoors or out!
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The concrete pot's light colours give a soft palette for your bathroom. Buy planters in India to add an impactful design component to the otherwise minimalist decor of your living area.


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