• Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter
  • Six Pack Party Starter

Six Pack Party Starter

SKU: Six Pack Party Starter
Rating5/5 based on 30 reviews
Six Pack Party Starter is here to change your party experience forever- with not one, not two, but six iconic games. Call all your freeloading friends over for a legendary game-night where you compete to be the funniest person in the room.
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What are Fans Saying about the Six Pack Party Starter?

"Perfect for game nights, dinner parties with friends, and road trips (but don't involve the driver!)" - Aman B.

"You'll either appreciate the irony or agonize over the embarrassment" - Ruchika C.

"Leave your inhibitions at the door. This game is fun, entertaining and you may discover things about your friends you didn't know before" - Shikha P.

"A quick-paced interactive game inducing tears of laughter throughout" - Ishan A.

The Card Games that’ll Change Your Party Experience

Introducing our most loved party game yet. We guarantee that you’ll never throw a boring party again — with our Six Iconic Drinking Games that are included in the Six Pack Party Starter!

Perfect for game nights, dinner parties with friends, and road trips. Tease. Please & Entertain your guests & make your future parties memorable & fun. 

NSFW Content. Recommended for Adult Gameplay (Can mamma play? At your own risk!)

The Story Behind the Six Pack Party Starter

Like all good stories, the Six Pack was created while drinking a S*IT load of beer in a backyard in Calcutta. With House Parties becoming all the rage, it was one of those weekends where some friends got together to drink & chill. King’s cup being one of our favourites, we opened up some bottles & downloaded the rules. After continuously forgetting some rules, spilling drinks on our phones, we decided to take the rules & put them down on napkins.

Once the hangover wore off, luckily the memories remained. Our founder Sakshi could not stop thinking about how much easier & more fun the previous evening was when they created cards for directions so she decided to play again with friends, developing more rules and card ideas. Countless hours of testing, thousands of beers & hangovers later - the games were perfected!

We now present to you - The Six Pack Party Starter with 6 games that’ll Change the  Way You Rage! 

What's Inside?

  • Six Iconic Drinking Games (302 CARDS) in Individuals Packs
  • One Rule Book 
  • NSFW Content  

No Exchange, No Return, Non Refundable 

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews


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"worth the price"

by ROHAN YADAV on 24-Aug-2021
cards are mini size which fits comfortably in small pockets if seperated.but i would recommend carrying in the box given because the box is as tough as steel(hard cardboard). P.S cant wait for the next time i go drinking with my friends

"It's so much fun"

by Niharika Singhania on 03-Aug-2021
I absolutely love everything about it. It's a great game to play with your friends on any occasion


by Shruti Shetty on 20-Jul-2021
Product is fun !!

"Amazing game!! It came with a nice packaging. Loved it very muchhh"

by Malavi Parekh on 23-Jun-2021
Amazing game! Loved it very much

"Some games are good"

by Nikita on 05-Jun-2021
Some card games are good and easily understandable whereas some are not. There is no guild also. Quite enjoyable.


by Rishabh on 04-Jun-2021
Quite Integrated and engagement is at par.. thankyou for this product.

"Amazing product ??"

by Bhavya Sunanda Vellisetty on 27-Apr-2021
The cards are just awesome ??I just loved the concept. Thank you for the product. It's a genuine site and you can order online.

"Awesome packs of cards"

by Prashant on 17-Apr-2021
The quality of cards and the printing is quite great. Loved the cards and they are going to make my future parties really awesome. The cards if bigger in size would have been a plus, else they are just perfect.


by Mandakini on 06-Apr-2021
Thank you for these lovely cards. Sure made my party better. And yes they are genuine so you can place order online and pay it online too.

"A true party starter"

by Shibani Sen on 28-Mar-2021
These cards are the best thing for any house party. Had an absolute blast because of them. It really got the party going ! It's worth every penny !!

"Amazing amazing amazing"

by Aditi Nivsarkar on 20-Mar-2021
This is really an amazing pack not only to play while drinking but to play with your crew at any given moment. Worth spending a shot.


by Vandana Saraf on 01-Mar-2021
Thank you for the concept they are the perfect games to kick start any party. Loved the way its compact to carry and the way its packed.


by Keerthana Dolly on 15-Feb-2021
Amazing product, good packaging and nice quality of cards. Love that it was delivered very early than expected.

"Nice and Perfect"

by K Krishna Narayan on 04-Feb-2021
Pretty awesome.Good Quality cards

"Loved the product"

by Bhavesh Mhatre on 24-Jan-2021
Liked every thing

"Amazinggg product! But overpriced :("

by Poorva Jage on 21-Jan-2021
The package arrived today and I absolutely love the product. They’re perfect for a house party with your drinking buds. What I love the most about these cards is the texture and the content. Personally love the “Screw it, let’s do it!” cards. Overall they are amazing but the cost is high. The product definitely reaches the expectations though.

"something I Was Always Looking For"

by Hardik Vira on 21-Jan-2021
Fantastic Idea, Beautifully Designed, Games to Be Played With Your Adult Friends. PS I am non-drinker and I still loved the games

"Awesome game"

by Smita on 21-Jan-2021
Perfect party game.... And super fast delivery

"Six Pack Party Starter"

by Tanmay Asher on 18-Jan-2021
The Six Pack Party Starter is easily one of the most fun set of drinking card games around. Must have for people who love playing drinking games and having fun! Totally worth it. The packaging is nice and the card quality is good too. Just be careful not to spill your drinks on the cards! Happy Drinking Game to you!

"Wonderful Games"

by Vaishavi Gupta on 15-Jan-2021
All are good... packing can be more interesting..

"Love it"

by C Bhansali on 15-Jan-2021
This is good fun! Delivered in 3 days!!! Much sooner than it said during checkout. Amazing service!

"Amazing product!"

by Shrishti Pathak on 14-Jan-2021
I'm absolutely in love with this product. I brought it for my sister's bachelorette and I'm sure this pack will add on a lot of fun. This pack is worth the money you spend on it. The customer service is also fab. They replied to me within a few hrs. I ordered it on 11th Jan and received it on 14th Jan. It arrived sooner than I expected.

"Wonderful Game set"

by Ranu Bhati on 13-Jan-2021
Amazing quality of the product♥️✨...Loved the packaging and design..Looking forward to play with my friends


by Mehek Malik on 12-Jan-2021
Loved the cards .... i can't wait to play ..perfect game for parties , nightouts, stayovers ...

"Amazing Quality"

by Nikhil Gandhi on 11-Jan-2021
Amazing Quality


by Ishan Gupte on 08-Jan-2021
Love the cards. Very fun to play with friends. The quality and packaging is very nice and shipping is very fast.

"Love it. Absolutely worth it!"

by Ridhi Vohra on 07-Jan-2021
Drop your ballot and kings cup are legendary!

"Best thing to happen to my house party! amazing game"

by Neha Jain on 05-Jan-2021
Love it! kudos to the House of Sasha team.

"Creative game"

by Akash on 01-Jan-2021
The crazy to do things

"nice- worth it"

by Aprajita Data on 26-Nov-2020
amazing product but the box was a little damaged

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